Roucourt Descends into Civil War

Civil War has erupted in Roucourt as the PNDS responded to the Xiomeran intervention with a mass attack on Roucourtain-controlled territory. Several armored divisions have already begun to advance towards the Roucourt capital of Kalinyev with fighting already taking place on the edge of the city. The fighting is fierce with both sides taking heavy casualties, including civilians. The battle is expected to turn into a battle of attrition as the winter climate ramps up. 

At the same time, multiple rebel groups have sprung out of the chaos, declaring independence from both Roucourt and the PNDS, namely the democratic factions, although other factions of different ideologies exist.

The Magnitovat Federation, fighting for a conservative democratic government, has been fighting as resistance fighters for nearly three decades.

The Democratic Republic of Lyudedovo is a relatively new faction. The government still has some socialist policies, although they are still nonetheless democratic.

The Republic of Neftelkovo is a liberal democratic government that has friendly relations with its western neighbor, and hopes to use these ties to team up against the PNDS to the north.

The Anti-Rossorganain League is a genocidal group focused purely on the extermination of the Rossorganain ethnic group, which they blame for the destruction of their kingdoms when the Rossorganains invaded, sacked and conquered them over three hundred years ago. They have stated that they will use any means necessary to achieve their goals.  

The Free Women’s Republic, is neither free nor a republic, adhering to Kerlian ideology they seek to purge the patriarchy in Roucourt.    

The first three minor groups fight the PNDS for their independence while agreeing to cease-fires with Roucourt. While the ARL and the Free Women’s Republic fight both for theirs. 

The armed forces are split over which side to fight for, as even entire divisions are joining the opposing sides, or fleeing altogether, as is the case with the National People’s Liberation Navy Northern Fleet. The Northern Fleet, under the command of Admiral Rusnak Devillers, has fled the fighting from Port Glabay to Xiomera, taking with him several ships, including most of the ships sold to Roucourt in the “resources for guns” trade that Roucourt made with Xiomera last year. Prime Minister Toquihu of Xiomera has stated that “The Xiomeran government is continuing to monitor the events in Roucourt with grave concern. We will provide a safe harbor for Roucourt’s navy until such time as order can be restored there.”
It is unclear whether Xiomera seeks to further intervene in Roucourt, regardless of their choice it seems that the situation in Roucourt is unlikely to get better.

Céleste Anzhelika– East Caxcana Head Correspondent

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