Eïkangärd Reiterates Demands for DMZ Territory, Increases Border Presence

Ykangäd, Eïkangärd – As of today, Great Marshal Sancha Groebärd has reiterated Eïkangärd’s claims to the territory claimed within the demilitarized zone currently held by the Port Royal Agreement. The lack of response from Tsimdaupohwetosonghnee has promted anger from the Eïkan populace, who share our Marshall’s view that these lands should be returned. To show that Eïkangärd is not to be trifled with, our Marshall has authorized the deployment of troops to the border with the DMZ.

This increase to our DMZ deployments will be facilitated by the 22nd, 24th, 53rd, and 79th divisions, totalling approximately 50,000 troops. This will be added to the current total of 65,000 army troops and border guards already present. While the Marshall has not given the order to simply move in and retake the area by force, many believe that Eïkangärd could do so if necessary.

That said, the Marshall was quick to caution against such decisive action, stating: “We are not simply a nation of action, but also of words. I would prefer if we could resolve this situation amicably. I would like to see these lands returned to the Eïkan people without bloodshed. However, this requires that the Brother Nations negotiate with us in the first place, and do so fairly. These lands are rightfully those of the Eïkan people, and they must be returned.”

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