Eiria and Lauchenoiria Announce Renewable Energy Trade Deal

In a press conference earlier today, Chancellor Stendē unveiled a new trade deal between Eiria and Lauchenoiria that would facilitate the exporting and importing of renewable energy products. The deal, pioneered by the Green parties of both nations, would remove tariffs and other trade barriers on sources of renewable energy and products that are meant to improve energy efficiency. For Lauchenoiria, this would prove beneficial for their solar panel exports, while Eirian solar cell and tidal turbine exports would likely also increase.

Chancellor Stendē praised the deal(titled the “Clean Energy Cooperative”) and her Lauchenoirian colleagues while announcing the deal this morning. “I must thank Prime Minister Alvarez and her government for working so enthusiastically with us. We all have a responsibility to protect the planet that gave us life, and this deal is another step in the right direction. This Cooperative is just another shining example of the importance of allies and international cooperation for the common good.”

Nidia Belmonte, Lauchenoirian Secretary for the Environment and Climate Change, made a similar statement after the deal was initially announced. “It is vitally important that nations across the whole IDU work together to tackle the threat of climate change. This is a global issue, and requires a global solution; which is why Lauchenoiria is determined to work with Eiria and others to do what needs to be done to protect our planet.”

This deal has received generally favorable reviews from political experts and the Eirian public. The deal is also ideally timed, as many Eirian corporations and landowners have started a new trend of almost completely covering city roofs with solar panels. This trend, called “Laying a Blue Blanket,” would only be boosted after the Clean Energy Cooperative came into effect, as more and more Lauchenoirian solar panels would become available for purchase. It’s hard to say if this trend will last, however there’s no doubt that the Clean Energy Cooperative deal will bolster renewable energy in both Eiria and Lauchenoiria.

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