Xiomera retaliates against PNDS

Xiomeran forces have launched retaliatory strikes against one of the factions in Roucourt’s civil war today, in apparent preparation for launching a ground offensive.

Xiomeran bombers have reportedly begun utilizing both bombs and standoff munitions such as cruise missiles against PNDS positions both near the capital of Kalinyev, and deep into PNDS-held territory as well. Sources on the ground indicate that the Xiomeran military appears to be trying to systematically reduce PNDS fixed positions, as well as destroy PNDS communications, command and control, and resupply infrastructure.

The commander of the Xiomeran Expeditionary Force, Gen. Mixoche, told the media that the strikes are in retaliation for the PNDS shelling Xiomeran camps in Kalinyev. However, the same sources report that Xiomeran soldiers and armor are mobilizing for what is likely to be a move to push the PNDS eastward. Just how far the Xiomeran forces plan to push into PNDS territory is unknown. However, military experts have noted that the PNDS, which is ill-supplied and equipped with mostly Great War-era weaponry, is unlikely to be able to present a sustained defense against a battle-hardened and well-equipped Xiomeran army. Many of the units deployed to Kalinyev have battle experience from the Xiomeran civil war, and are among the most well-trained and experienced units in the Xiomeran army. In addition, the Xiomeran ground presence is now being supplemented by squadrons from Xiomera’s Aerospace Force, which is expected to quickly gain air superiority over the limited PNDS defenses.

When asked if their Expeditionary Force would wait for the results of a LIDUN debate on whether or not to intervene, Gen. Mixoche stated that his orders “did not include waiting around.”

“The PNDS chose to break the cease-fire and attack us. We did not start this, but gods willing, we will finish it and restore order in Roucourt.”

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