Sanctaria, Haesan Agree Intelligence Sharing Framework

Hwagang, Haesan – The Divine Federation and the Commonwealth of Haesan have today announced they will be entering into an intelligence sharing framework to “better position [the] nations’ foreign policy objectives as part of a wider global security review”. The agreement was announced as Foreign Secretary Kathryn Stewart was in Haesan on an official visit, the first by a foreign government official since Haesan’s elections recently concluded.

Though details of the agreement have not been released due to national security concerns, it is understood from sources in both the Sanctarian and Haesanite governments that the focus will be on sharing communication intelligence on troop movements, as well as political and economic information that is “of value”, in areas-of-mutual-concern in the International Democratic Union. It is believed both governments acknowledge the rising tensions in regions such as Eastern Caxcana and Western Liberalia is causing global security concerns that may eventually have an impact on the two large, non-interventionist nations.

Foreign Secretary Stewart thanked her counterpart Cho Ji-hwan for prioritising the agreement during Haesan’s recent change in administration, and said that Sanctaria was “proud to associate [itself] with the dedicated and diligent members of the Haesanite Secret Intelligence Service”. Stewart also confirmed that the agreement was limited, in Sanctaria’s case, to intelligence gathered by the Sanctarian Intelligence Service, the nation’s foreign intelligence service.

Minister Cho in his press conference stated that “This intelligence sharing agreement will be critical for both of our nations as we navigate this increasingly uncertain foreign policy landscape. With potential flashpoints all over the globe, vigilance and coordination will be required to prevent more violence from occurring, and we are proud to work with Sanctaria to ensure a safer world for everyone.”

The frameworks marks the first international intelligence sharing agreement that Sanctaria has entered since the 2007 Supreme Court ruling that increased intelligence operations did not violate the broad neutrality clause of the constitution. It is not understood at this time if the governments of either Sanctaria or Haesan are anticipating other countries will join their agreement, but it is expected both nations will increase cooperation on other matters should the framework prove fruitful.

GWEN COPLEY, National Security Correspondent

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