GSSG Commander Volodin Maximovich is Appointed as General Secretary of the State

Volodin Maximovich, commander of the General Secretary of the State Guard, has been appointed as the new General Secretary of the State by the National Assembly in the People’s Hall, or rather, what is left of it after the continuous bombing by the PNDS has almost completely destroyed the building.

The new National Assembly was quickly put together after the Xiomeran retaliation against the PNDS for fears that Xiomera would intervene in the government itself. The National Assembly is made up of the eleven surviving members of the last National Assembly as well as nine other members.

General Secretary Volodin Maximovich was adamant in his appointment speech that Roucourt was still very much an independent country and assured the Roucourtain people that Xiomera was only here to help, while also stressing the fact that an intervention from LIDUN would be treated as a foreign invasion of Roucourt. Volodin ended the speech by stated that a peaceful resolution with the Democratic Republic of Lyudedovo, Magnitovat Federation, and the Republic of Neftelkovo was possible, but only if their government agreed to join Roucourt once more.

It is unknown how the democracies will react, but it is suspected that they will decline such an offer.

Céleste Anzhelika– East Caxcana Head Correspondent

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