AI “Android” production fully authorized

Ezpera Enterprise originally received government authorization for research and development of it’s Artificially Intelligent “Android” prototype about 3 years ago. A pilot program was approved 6 months ago in Hunaq, with factory worker prototypes operating at a car plant, nurses at the Hunaq General Hospital, and Android police officers at Hunaq’s police station. Lobbied to the People’s Chamber as “the next chapter in scientific discovery, and the beginning of a new horizon for global societies and economies” the “Androids” are intelligent human-like robots, with skin and voices designed to replicate humanity. Programed to exponentially expand their own intelligence, Ezpera says the impact they can have is enormous.

Early marketing shows Android models that can act as maids, cooks, babysitters and nannies, doctors and nurses, police officers, factory workers, sanitary workers, and even soldiers.

CEO of Ezpera Antonio Sales addressed the Chamber this afternoon ahead of the debate on whether or not to authorize further production.

“What we’re talking about here is a radical transformation of the world as we know it. Let me tell you a story. My mother, former CEO of Ezpera which saw the company through some of it’s greatest times, is now an elderly woman. She requires full-time at-home care. While we have been fortunate enough to be blessed with wealth to afford private nurses, many of our elderly citizens do not. The first Android prototype I developed was designed to provide compassionate and loving care to my mother, that nurses employed by a third party cannot.

Their programming allows them to rapidly gain knowledge, which enabled them to quickly adapt to changes within their environment. If a patient needs CPR, for example, Androids are not only able to provide it, but are also capable of contacting emergency services simultaneously. Need to remember an appointment or to take medication? Androids can manage a personal calendar and set reminders. They can clean, bathe patients, cook, and provide entertainment. Have a question? Similar to our in-home ZOEY products, simply ask your Android and they’ll have an answer.

For disabled citizens unable to reach stores, libraries, and other essential amenities Androids are able to venture into the outside world and complete your errands for you. I imagine a world in which humans can dedicate their time to recreation, loved ones, the arts, and life’s other wonders without being bogged down by some of life’s endless stresses. Companies can utilize Androids for dangerous or hazardous jobs like construction or manufacturing. Androids can be programmed as bookkeepers, secretaries, and even accountants. There is nothing they can’t do.

I implore this Chamber to act in the best interest of the Doatian people, and global community, and allow for full production and sale of Androids. Our pilot program went without a hitch. Androids clearly have the capacity to make life much better for people around the world. Oh and if your concerned about Androids feeling like strangers, they’re able to provide emotional support, foster connections with their owners, and you can even name them”

His speech received mixed emotions from Chamber members and the public. It was delivered at 3pm earlier today, and after the address to the Chamber, representatives immediately began a lengthy debate. Several questions about safety, security, troubleshooting, data-collecting, and environmental impact filled the Chamber.

Members of the CP and PLP seemingly split over the proposal, with the more moderate and conservative members concerned about such a large transformation of the world as we know it. PLP’s Conservative Coalition leader Julian Madross concluded “we cannot allow for further implementation without fully examining the potential effects Androids will have on our society and economy. I urge my members to vote no”

The entire EJP supports full authorization, with leader Shuri Recardo telling reporters “The EJP sees this as a opportunity to free up laborers and enable them to dedicate more time and energy into recreation. As well as lead to a stronger economy, a healthier environment, more stable and happy families, and a stronger and far less costly defense of Doatia. Not to mention fully recover the Doatian economy from several years ago, with the domestic sale and global trade of Androids.”

Debate lasted until around 10:30pm, with Chancellor Rebecca Loaz making a closing statement and calling for a vote.

Her statement: “While I understand some members, of all parties, hesitation of this authorization, my own deep dive into Ezpera and their pilot program as well a thorough examination across various agencies of my administration, I conclude that this authorization is not only positive, but essential for the future of Doatia and the world. I encourage the CP and EJP-PLP Coalition to vote to authorize Ezpera to freely produce and sell Androids.”

The vote began at 11:15pm.

Overall Results:

Aye: 269

Nay: 247

Present: 178

Absent: 6

(Party Results: CP 73A/129N/148P/2Ab – PLP-EJP 196A/118N/30P/4Ab)

The 700-seat Chamber officially approved the legislation, with Chancellor Loaz signing the legislation in the Chamber.

Ministers for Domestic Affairs (Charlie Brians) and Foreign Relations (Gloria Danato) both made brief statements after the passage:

Minister Danato – “This is a major accomplishment not only for Doatia, but the world. However, the Government of Doatia understands that other nations must decide for themselves whether or not Androids are right for their society. So, binded into the authorization is a condition which prohibits the distribution or sale of Androids to other nations without their clearly expressed consent. I humbly request the international community, if interested in Androids coming to their countries, to approve resolutions within their governments giving Ezpera consent to produce and/or sell Androids products in their nations and/or authorize private/state entities in their nations to buy rights from Doatia and Ezpera for production of their own Androids.”

Minister Brians – “Make no mistake, this is a win for the people of Doatia. The lives of everyday citizens is about to transform. The Ministry of Domestic Affairs will fully execute this authorization. I’ve formed a new agency, the Doatian Artificial Intelligence Administration (DAIA) to provide oversight over the new industry.”

Ezpera announced at midnight that 2 models are immediately ready for sale. Model X100 is designed to be in your home, helping to care for your children, clean, cook, make minor repairs, order groceries, and assist with other common household tasks.

Model DZ2000 is designed to work a basic and common manufacturing job, specialized in rapidly completely repetitive tasks and safely navigating dangerous environments.

Fernando Mosley, Doatian Journel

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