Doatian Morning Update: Meet the new Military Commander

Veronica Organa pictured above

  • Queen Aiyisha makes plea to LIDUN
  • Meet the new DAF Commander
  • Androids sellout
  • Budget Allocation Process

Queen Aiyisha calls on LIDUN Security Council:

“While I do not wish to speak for the people of the region, I am speaking with best interests at heart. Civil War is not healthy for any society. Doatia should know, having lived through that horror twice. The newly formed Security Council of LIDUN is charged with an immense and unenviable, but essential task. Surely its members and their delegations needed time adjusting to the new body, but time is not an amenity that we have. And while Doatia is not yet a member of LIDUN, its actions, or lack thereof impact us just the same. I’m calling on the Security Council to deploy peacekeepers in Roucourt to enforce a cease-fire, because we can’t wait any further. No more lives should be lost. Please hear this plea. Furthermore, I believe that the Security Council must also engage in immediate mediation efforts, before the situation further escalates. The people of Roucourt must be seen and heard, and a peaceful outcome must be achieved. Its not only in the best interests of Roucourt, but the world. This morning, i’ve signed a Royal Decree to send medics, food, and basic supplies to Roucourt. Furthermore, I am requesting all groups involved in the conflict to agree to an immediate cease-fire, and allow me to visit all sides and speak to all the people of Roucourt and their leaders. Lastly, I am welcoming any citizen of Roucourt displaced by the conflict to come to Doatia, temporarily or permanently. Once dialogue is setup on this issue between out two nations, we can make arrangements to provide transportation for any refugees.”

Veronica Organa, Commander of the Doatian Armed Forces

Organa has a storied career, with experience in many different areas. Born the daughter of Chief Vernon Organa of the Mushiki Tribe, she was it’s princess. But she was no damsel in distress. After convincing tribe elders she could replace the recently passed delegate during a historic draught and subsequent water shortage, she became the official ambassador of the tribe at age 15 in 1971, with no help from her father. Over the next 6 years while finishing school, she made addresses before the People’s Chamber, and engaged in regional diplomacy with other tribes and nearby state’s, and averted what would’ve been a major crisis over water sharing rights between regional powers. At 21 in 1977, Organa was drafted to serve in Doatia’s War against European oppressive powers, Doatia’s 4th deadliest conflict. After 2 years of service, Organa was promoted to Officer. She quickly rose ranks, peaking as Senior Ground Force General, until an injury in 1990 prevented her from active service. In 1990, she was nominated and appointed as an ambassador to Wosteaque during a brief crisis. After 6 months as Ambassador to Wosteaque, successfully contributing to a lasting resolution, she was personally selected to serve as Senior Tactical General in the Doatian Armed Forces. Again, quickly rising in the ranks, she became 2nd-in-command of the Armed Forces in 2005 at age 49, Tactical Commander, serving on the Chancellor’s Security Council for the last 18 years, the longest-serving member of the council that’s alive. In her 67th year, after the resignation of former Commander Mark Favero, Veronica Organa has been promoted to Commander of the Doatian Armed Forces, the highest level in our military. She will now lead the Chancellor’s Security Council, act on national security in the Chancellor’s absence, and act as Acting Chancellor if the Chancellor is killed or abruptly dies, or if the Sovereign declares a state of emergency and temporarily suspends the powers of the sitting Chancellor.

Android’s sell-out, first consumer report in…glowing reviews!!

Home Aid Model X100, a male model, has actually sold out online orders twice. First, 6 hours after release of the model and again today. Ezpera is struggling to keep up with demand, injecting 300 Million Dao in increasing production. Model DZ2000, a female model, sold out for the first time today, as Ezpera had a surplus of the model. Ezpera Enterprise has also announced the release of two new models today. The Y600, an in-home female nurse model, designed for sick children, bedridden and disabled patients, obese patients, and the elderly. With improved calming and compassionate programming, the Y600 is calm, helpful, and patient. Coming with all other features of a standard Android, as well as 12 customary upgrades related to its model, the Y600 can also drive, with other models depending on public transportation, walking, or self-driving cars. Lastly, Model XX2244, a sex-bot, was released for consumers over the age of 21. Additional details regarding the XX2244 can be found on Ezpera’s website, as it is sensitive material.

Chancellor Bernadino begins the Annual Budget Allocation process

Parties in the People’s Chamber will begin forming proposals, which will then be proposed in the Budget and Oversight committee, debated and amended, and a final bill submitted to the floor. Again, subjected to debate and amendments, will then be voted on.

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