2023 Mallacland Election Preview

Today, Mallacland goes to the polls to determine the nation’s future. In the first full election since the passage of the new Constitution in 2021. Despite not having elections since 2015 due to govermeant decree, 2021 saw two elections, one un-democratic where the establishment Citizen’s Party easily won. This led to the start of the Mallacaland Revolution with the coup of King Abdin by his younger cousin. In two successive coups in two months, the Kingdom of Mallacland became the Republic of Mallacland. The initial election in mid-2021 saw a broad left-to-center coalition of the New Future and For the People Party united by the then-independent, Olympic baseball hero, Ibrahim Kamza. Since then Kamza has created a political party called the National Democratic Front.

This election will see the election to elect the first President in the history of Mallacland. The position was established in 2021, although at the time Mallacland lacked funds to create the Office of the President. The President will have the power to appoint and recall justices as well as emirs and will act as a tie-breaker to Parliament. The election will be in two rounds, with party-list seats to Parilmeant being decided in the first round, as well the first round of the Presidential election being today. The second round will decide the 16 Senatorial Seats, 2 for each emirate. This will occur at the same time as the second round of the Presidential election if no candidate reaches 50% of the vote.

Major Parties

Our Force Party (Quatana)

Current Seats: 0 (Projected 35+)

Founded by Azim Shad in 2023, as a successor party to the National Values Party. The party continues the Islamic conservative policy along with populist ideals. Azim Shad has called for the reform of the judicial system mass replace judges with “true Islamic judges, committed to upholding natural justice”. He has aligned himself with Xiomera and called for Mallacaland to fight against “Communist States such as Lauchenoria”. The party itself has the greatest support in rural areas, though also among middle-class urban and suburbanites.

National Democratic Front

Current Seats: 2 (Projected 25-35 Seats)

Founded by Ibrahim Kamza in 2021, after becoming Prime Minister, the NDF is a center, liberal political party. The NDF has supported the economic liberalization by pushing for expanded economic development such as the Procura Engery Deal, secured by Ibrahim Kamza in 2022. The party itself has attempted to take religion out of politics, by closing the Minstry of Islamic Affairs, and replacing religious leaders in judicial positions. The party has also worked with Former King Abdin to sell royal assets to fund the government. The party has support among well-educated urbanites, secularists, and non-organized labor workers.

For the People

Current Seats: 26 Seats (Projected: 20-25)

The primary left-wing political party in Mallacland, founded by students at Mallacaland Univeristy in 2021. During the civil war, was the primary armed group and the most anti-monarchy party. Did well in the 2021 Election by uniting left-wing forces, although the party has lost some support to more secular and more leftist wings. Primarly supported by organized labor, students in Mallacland City. Supports the reform of state-owned companies and supports a platform similar to Gramontism in Laeral. FTP has pushed for Mallacaland to become self-supporting, although the current economic crisis has made this policy controversial.

Minor Parties

Mallacaland Citzen’s Party

Current Seats: 7 (Projected: 5-10)

The successor party to the pre-revoultion Citzen’s Party. Inculdes many former royal officials and govermeant officials in position of power. Supports the return of the monarchy and the continued development of business sector through economic no-tax zones, and the expansion of natural gas extraction.

Shining Light

Current Seats: 9 (Projected: 4-8)

By far the most Conservative party, supports Sharia law and the return of head-covering laws and for the outlawing of divorce laws. They also belive the women should not be able to vote, and for Mallacland to “stand alone”. They have the primary support among traditionalists who believe that Our Force is too moderate.

Open Mallacland

Current Seats: 1 (Projected: 1-5)

The most secular party, supports the reform of Mallacland to be a progressive state. Is the most liberal socially, being the only party to openly support equal pay by law. Is affiliated with the Women’s Party of Kerille, although not openly Gynarchist has only nominated female candidates to party list’s. Mostly supported among wealthy well-educated liberals in Mallacland City.

Left Front

Current Seats: 10 (Projected: 3-6)

An alliance of small left-wing parties such as the Communist Party and the new age Green Land Party. Is led by Furat Saida, a progressive Muslim thinker and mindfulness expert who had promised a “kinder Mallacland”. However, the growth of Open Mallacland and a fraud scandal evolving Saida has prevented the party from any real growth.

New Future

Current Seats: 25 (Projected Seats: 0-5)

Once the largest democratic party in Mallacland, is one of the oldest political parties being founded in 1996. Was the largest pro-democratic party for successive elections in 2011, 2015, 2019. Although the 2019 was cancelled until 2021. Secular and liberal, the party collapsed after Ibrahim Kamza created the NDF, as both parties covered the same base. Although they are popular among the dispora in Slokais, particularly politically dissidents of the royal government.

Regonalist Parties

Jariza Island Party

Seats: 7 (Projected: 8-12)

A center learning political party that advocates for the autonomy of Jariza Island, a region that is more traditional and more indigenous than the rest of Mallacaland. Although the party has been accused being a political machine for local authorities.

Blessed People’s Party (מפלגת העם המבורכת )

Seats: 0 (Projected: 1-3)

A right-wing political party for the Yahar’gah a Jewish minority descended from the Scholar Yusf Ben-Nevin who established a community in the emirate of Kersa. The descents of those settlers, although not acdovcaing for autonomy is pushing for language rights, and a separate region for Yahar’gah.

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