Eïkangärd Reiterates Claims on DMZ Territory in “Final Warning”

Ykängäd, Eïkangärd – In what is called the “final warning” to the Government of the Brother Nations, Eïkangärd has once again pressed it’s territorial claims on the DMZ area of the country. As it’s rightful territory, which was lost as part of the Treaty of Port Royal which ended the Civil War of 1974, Central Command has begun to lose patience with Whetosonghean stonewalling. The neighbouring nation, which sided with the old regime which oppressed the natural martial spirit of the Eïkan people, has called for foreign mediation to the conflict, likely to try and weasel their way out of returning rightful Aïkan territory.

“We can no longer wait for the international community to intervene.” Said Marshall Sancha Groenbärd in a state address to the nation. “Nor can we rely on the international community to act impartially for the return of our territory. As a result, we issue a final warning to the government of Tsimdaupohwetosonghnee. Return our territories to us, or we shall reclaim them without your blessing. Remove your troops from the border, cede all claims by the Royalist government-in-exile, or we shall respond with force.”

This ultimatum has sparked an outpouring of support from the Eïkan people, many of whom stand ready to reclaim the nation’s territory. Already, reservists requesting reinstatement to active service have been widely reported at military and civil service centres across the nation. Polls have also shown a wide base of support among the population.

“It’s our territory.” Said one soldier serving in 302nd Reserve Battalion. “That we have to pretend it isn’t is a national shame. I wholeheartedly support the statement of Marshall Groenbärd. We need to reclaim our land and our people. To bring them under the complete whole of the nation. It’s good for our prestige and it’s simply the right thing to do. All Eïkans should be under one roof, after all.”

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