Under cover of darkness, Doatia launches additional air strikes against PNDS and ARL

Commander of the Doatian Armed Forces, Veronica Organa, announced a few minutes ago that multiple ARL and PNDS priority targets have been hit.

The massive military expedition was carefully planned, maintaining the highest levels of confidentiality. Word is, Doatian mediation and aid workers got the call to evacuate the area just earlier today.

The strikes were overall successful. Some caused multiple militant causalities, like a strike deep into ARL territory which destroyed a primary safe house. Its expected that the strike caused 23 ARL causalities, including several key members of leadership.

Other strikes in northern PNDS territory were also successful, with one knocking out a PNDS supply caravan, thought to be carrying munitions and explosives. Another took out a PNDS safe house, with an estimated 34 PNDS casualties.

A total of 17 strikes were carried out between 1am-6am 6/22/23

Commander Organa has made clear that this is only the first wave, and additional strikes are to be expected again later in the morning, and in the coming days.

The World Hope Foundation, in coordination with Doatian mediation diplomats, have installed air raid sirens in urban and rural areas in Roucourt which went an hour before the strikes, as well as constructing bomb shelters and fortifying existing infrastructure to withstand potential strikes. They are also assisting with civilian evacuation of hostile PNDS/ARL territory.

So far, there have been no reports of civilian casualties and DAF have “gone to great lengths to prevent harm to local populations”, according to Commander Organa.

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