Doatia receives green light for ground strike in Roucourt, sends Army

After lengthy negotiations between Xiomera, Roucourt, and Doatia, Doatia has received the green light for a ground invasion in Roucourt. Commander of the Doatian Armed Forces (DAF) Veronica Organa, has announced that Doatia has received the green light from Roucourt’s government for the use of ground forces against PNDS/ARL.

“DAF is immediately deploying 100,000 soldiers, 200 tanks, an anti-aircraft system for the capitol, 1 aircraft carrier, and is commiting additional jets for air assault. DAF plans to quickly strike strategic targets, and repeal hostile forces. Our plan is to restore full control over the entire nation to the government of Roucourt, as quickly as possible.” Commander Organa said in a statement.

With forces set to depart later today, Doatia’s campaign against the PNDS and ARL is set to begin by the end of the week.

“A reckoning for the PNDS and ARL is coming. They should’ve joined us at the negotiating table. But they chose instead to continue devastating and destabilizing Roucourt. Roucourt will soon see peace and stability again.” Commander Organa concluded.

Queen Aiyisha, and her delegation, is on its way back to Roucourt, to rejoin mediation diplomats working to setup the new Coalition government.

Air strikes are expected to continue throughout the night.

2funny Hasheem, Doatian Journal Senior Correspondent

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