Lord Mayor Nielsen decries ‘unilateral’ Doatian intervention in Roucourt

Statement seen as opening salvo in upcoming election campaign

Following multiple airstrikes and now the announcement of a 100,000-strong invasion force by the nation of Doatia as part of an intervention in the developing civil war in Roucourt, Grundhavn’s Lord Mayor Bent Nielsen is coming out strongly against it. “I can only say that such unilateral intervention in another nation’s affairs makes a mockery of international law and should be regarded by the international community as unacceptable.”

The nation of Roucourt devolved into civil war weeks ago when Svetlana Leclerc, the leader of the less-than-democratic state, suffered an apparent mental break and leaders of the People’s and National Defense Squadron, the country’s military, took it upon themselves to take control of the situation. Since then, government and PNDS forces have engaged in a back-and-forth struggle without huge amounts of progress being made on either side. Several smaller factions have also emerged, contributing to the chaos.

Into this war stepped Xiomera, the notorious imperial power and neighbor of Roucourt, launching airstrikes and an invasion force in support of the government and against the PNDS forces. Although it looked like some progress was being made, apparently Xiomera and the Roucourt government had some sort of a falling-out, as Roucourt then accepted help from Doatia, a long-time reclusive nation emerging onto the world stage behind the leadership of their Queen, Aiyisha. Xiomeran forces have since withdrawn to occupy or in their words, safeguard, platinum mines in the south of Roucourt due to Routcourtian co-operation with Doatia.

Nielsen placed true responsibility for the situation with the League of IDU Nations, or LIDUN: “Massive military deployments threaten safety and security around our region, regardless of the context. According to international law, LIDUN is the only body with the right to use peacekeepers in regional conflicts. Although both Xiomeran and Doatian forces claim to have secured the agreement of Roucourt’s government, the situation is so unstable as to render this claim meaningless. This situation would be better resolved by LIDUN mediation and fewer guns and bombs all around.”

He went on to discuss the implications for Grundhavn: “Doatia claims to be acting in the interest of peace and stability, but in reality is relying on no real justification other than that they have the ability to intervene. Roucourt may say they are co-operating, but against forces like Xiomera and Doatia who can marshal battle groups at the drop of a hat, what choice do they have? And how much less choice would small states like our own have if some imperial power suddenly evinced designs on our territory or resources? International law must take precedence in situations like these, not the rule of force.”

Grundhavn is not officially a member of LIDUN due to disagreements within the ruling coalition about joining, but Nielsen, with his humanitarian aid of Cape Auria, appears to be desirous of a greater international role for Grundhavn. With elections looming in January, Nielsen appears ready to stake a clear position for his Constitutional Liberal Party as internationalist. In this, he has an interesting suite of allies. The centre and left-leaning People’s Democratic Party, Justice Party, New Centre, and Green Alternative are all pro-LIDUN, with the centre-right Christian Democrats indicating that they would likely be open with reservations. The Business Bloc is also generally pro-LIDUN, but the Grundhavish Right and the Farmers’ League, CLP coalition partners, are more skeptical.

Grundhavn does not have much of an ability to affect goings-on in Roucourt on their own, but by joining LIDUN, they could amplify that voice. Regardless, the situation seems to call for a firm hand, and in the absence of LIDUN, Xiomera and Doatia have stepped in. Time will tell if hitching his wagon to joining LIDUN will pay off for Nielsen, but this is a definite step in that direction.

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