Free Womens Republic Joins Roucourtain Coalition Government

The Free Womens Republic, which had an agreement with the government of Roucourt, which was negotiated by Kerlile, has been cemented in more proper legislation as the Republic has joined the Coalition government, being the fifth government to do so.

This has been the result of rigorous debates between all four of the coalition governments, with supporters and opponents conversing their opinions in the National Assembly. Lengthy speeches were held by members of the Council of the Free Womens Republic, which reportedly did more harm than good.

The border between the Free Womens Republic and Roucourt has been largely abandoned, as soldiers from both countries divert to more advantageous borders, namely the ARLs border.
The ARL which has been on the defense ever since the Coalition formed, and Doatian intervention, is now undergoing a two-sided invasion with an amphibious invasion, named Operation Afina, being undertaken by the Free Womens Republic. Already they have captured the strategic inland port of Sosolym, with more strategic places likely to follow.

It is no doubt that the Free Womens Republic is held back by their major ideological differences, seemly the reason they were left out of the Coalition government in the first place, despite having an agreement to rejoin Roucourt after the war. However it seems with the joining of the Coalition government the Free Womens Republic has further ensured their survival, for now.

Céleste Anzhelika– East Caxcana Head Correspondent

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