Mallacaland goes to polls today to decide its future.

Today is the second round of the Mallacland Elections. To recap, in the first round, Ibrahim Kamza the current Prime Minister and leader of the New Democratic Party finished second behind Azim Shad of the conservative Our Force Party. Also in the first round, all but the 13 first-past posts have been decided, with the breakdown favoring a right-wing government, however good results by the NDF or the center-left For the People Party could lead to a left-wing government. Already we have seen political parties come together in parliamentary alliances as Shining Light, a far-right traditionalist party has allied itself with Our Force, as well as the Mallacland Citizens Party, with a combined seat total of 61, 8 short of the necessary 68 seats. Meanwhile, the NDF has made an agreement with the semi-gynarchist Open Mallacaland and two left-wing parties Left Front and New Future, with For the People expected to join. This leaves a split of 63 (Left-wing), and 60 (Right-wing), however many Emirates and rural and thus are more likely to vote for the right-wing candidate.

Despite this, Ibrahim Kamza is confident as the baseball star continues to campaign for coalition candidates. The Olympic baseball hero, says regardless of the result he will travel to Haesan for the World Baseball Classic, saying “This will probably be my last major tournament, I have been lucky to see a new era not just for Mallacland Baseball but for the whole county”. Kamza has also expressed interest in being the coach for the team in the future, as a generation of young Mallacans born abroad are excelling in foreign leagues.

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