Foreign Students to be Permitted to Attend University in Kerlile

Students from outside of Kerlile will be allowed to apply to study at Kerlian universities in a first for the Matriarchy, the Kerlian government announced today. Previously, only female Kerlian citizens have been allowed to study in Kerlile, with a few exceptions at the postgraduate level. Now, foreign students will be able to apply to both undergraduate and postgraduate courses within the Matriarchy, beginning in the upcoming academic year.

The vast majority of post-secondary educational institutions in Kerlile are female-only, however there are now three Men’s Colleges throughout the country which will also be accepting international applications – though it is unlikely that many will take up the offer. Women’s universities in Kerlile offer a wide variety of courses, both those commonly found in most countries and some subjects more unique to the Matriarchy: though most of the latter are subjects of great controversy.

International students will be charged tuition fees ranging from a minimum of 100,000 Kerlian Credits (approximately £142 Sanctarian Pounds) – unless the prospective student is a woman from a country that prohibits further education for women. Women who cannot study in their home country will be entitled to free tuition in the same way as a Kerlian citizen. Applicants for student visas will be subject to similar conditions to those for business visas: they will not include ideology tests.

It is expected that few students from democratic states will choose to study in the Matriarchy; however the relatively affordable rate of tuition may be attractive to some. Those wishing to specialise in subjects such as Women’s Studies, or Feminist History, may also be tempted by the reputation of Kerlian universities in these fields. A considerable number of Xiomeran students may also choose to study in Kerlile; indeed, Xiomerans have been able to access certain postgraduate courses in Kerlile since 2020.

President Rebecca Arnott welcomed the decision, which originated in the Parliament of Kerlile. “This move shows that our reform efforts are on track; and will allow many more people to visit and learn about our country for themselves. I hope that many students choose to come to Kerlile now that the opportunity is there, and I am glad that the Parliament of Kerlile has spearheaded this effort to expand our academic sector and hopefully improve our relationship with other nations.”

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