The Nuiqsut Confederation declares invasive species don’t have legal protections.

The large yet sparse state located in Southern Nera declared on Tuesday that all animals that are not native to the Nuiqsut Confederation do not qualify under legal protections guaranteed by Section 7 of the Commonwealth Agreement. Animals are highly respected within Nuiqsuttian society and every decision that affects the animals of Nuiqsut is considered ill-advised and is even believed to bring bad luck to those who do. Section 7 states “Elements of nature shall be protected by law and respected by society, while elements of nature that cause ill upon the greater good shall be not be protected”. The reason for the change in legal protection was brought up by an anonymous citizen who proposed to their local council that they should be able to fish Zerba mussels for non-commercial use as a means of eliminating the invasive species. A local meeting was held and townspeople voted 1,120-127 to pass the measure. This meant that by law the local MP was required by law to bring it forward to the Executive Chamber, the upper house of The Nuiqsut Confederation Parliament.

Councilor Lyman Oar’avik of Nulamut brought forward the bill, saying “This is a perfect opportunity to clarify the common law if we set to expand visitors to our confederation we must be prepared for possible invasive species”. The Executive Chamber is made up of 37 members, who represent the 37 villages/wards of The Nuiqsut Confederation. The Chamber voted 28-9 in support of the bill, with the primary opposition coming from urban wards in Port Nuiqsut over concerns for pet ownership. The vote was confirmed by Prime Minister David Alagalak.

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