Emergency Conference Confirms Chrisintim as SCP Leader

Corpus – An emergency meeting of Sanctarian Conservative Party delegates from across the country today confirmed interim leader Julie Chrisintim as the party’s next Executive President and party leader on a permanent basis. The Board of the SCP unanimously endorsed Chrisintim to keep the leadership after former leader Kate Cruz resigned earlier this week after months of questions about her involvement in the SCP’s current financial woes.

Chrisintim was not opposed at the emergency conference and was elected on a voice vote to the position. It’s understood she will be announcing her new Deputy Leader at some point this week. Commenting on her election to the role, Chrisintim said she “thanks the party for the confidence they have given my stewardship of the party for the last few months, and I look forward to continuing that leadership as we provide an active opposition to the DLP-Green government. I will be leading the SCP into the next government after the next federal election.”

It has been confirmed by the leader’s office that Chrisintim will conduct a reshuffle of the SCP frontbench now that she is in the position permanently. She had been reluctant to move people from their positions while there was a chance that Cruz could return as leader, a chance most expected to be reality up until the middle of July. Chrisintim to date has proven herself to be a steadying presence, and a solid performer in Leaders’ Questions in the House. While her oratory skills are widely respected in parliament, she is not known to connect well with voters, and can be quite stiff on the campaign trail. It’s expected whoever she picks as deputy leader will compliment her weaknesses on this front.

Like Cruz, Chrisintim has also served in government previously; she was Secretary for Agriculture between 2013 and 2015, and then served as Secretary for Commerce from 2015 to 2018, both under Prime Minister Mark Kindle. Her government experience, particularly in important economic portfolios, will certainly be an asset to the SCP in the next election.

SOULLA WILDE, Political Correspondent

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