Egg Thrown at Empress Athena II During Imperial Procession in Glanainn

A protester has thrown an egg at Empress Athena II of Opthelia during an imperial procession in the Opthelian Protectorate of Glanainn. This shocking incident occurred in the Glannish capital of Craobhaig shortly after 11am while the Empress passed through the city during the Opthelian Commonwealth Imperial Tour. The egg-throwing protester was immediately arrested along with a number of other individuals who cheered on the protester.

The visit of Empress Athena II was timed to coincide with the end of the Lùnastal festival; an important harvest festival which is celebrated in the first week of August. The festival normally includes a large communal feast, sporting competitions and dancing. The procession through the city was intended to celebrate the visit of the Empress, after which she was scheduled to give a speech to the gathered crowds. However, during the procession, an egg was launched from the crowd, hitting the Empress on the coat; which she promptly removed and continued.

Protests are highly regulated in Glanainn, with potential demonstrations needing to be registered and approved by local authorities. No permit was given to any individual or group to host any kind of demonstration during the Imperial Procession or the festival, meaning any individual engaged in an act of protest during this time could be arrested for a violation of protest laws. During the festival, a total of 230 individuals have been arrested for numerous crimes, from possession of placards with intent to violate protest regulations, to public disorder with excessive alcohol consumption.

Anti-Opthelian protests have historically been strictly policed and limited in Glanainn since the granting of autonomy in 1967. There have been few instances of overt anti-Opthelian actions in recent years, however many are worried that this egg incident is indicative of a resurgence in nationalist dissident groups. In spite of the egging, however, Empress Athena II continued with her address to the gathered crowds, making a humourous joke referencing the incident during the speech.

The egg-throwing protester, who has been named as Dugald Blackwood, will be charged with sedition, assault, public disorder, and violating protest regulations. He will be remanded in custody until his trial. He is a known member of a Glannish nationalist dissident group based in Deasaig, in the south of the country. Seven other individuals who are believed to have accompanied him to the procession have also been arrested.

In the event that Blackwood is found guilty, which is highly likely, he could be subject to any number of punishments that remain on the books in Glanainn, even if they are not often employed in the modern day. This could in theory include such punishments as public whipping instead of, or as well as, the more common imprisonment. While unlikely, it is also possible that Blackwood could be executed for his actions.

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