Ceasefire, Prisoner Exchange Announced in Auria

Abandoned apartment complex five kilometers from the front line

In this morning’s press briefing, Chancellor Stendē’s Press Secretary Paskal Lefābve announced a deal that has been reached between the members of the Aurian Liberation Coalition and the government of *Prime Minister Sarah Berenstein. This deal attempts to guarantee the safe return of all Coalition prisoners of war currently held by the administration currently residing in Lumiere.

In exchange for the return of an estimated 418 Eirian, 200 Lauchenorian, 50 Huenyan, 24 Milintican, and an unknown number of Aurian loyalist soldiers, the leaders of the Liberation Coalition have agreed to a two-week ceasefire. During this ceasefire, all ground troops will be ordered to pause hostilities, Coalition air forces will have to remain out of Eastern Aurian airspace, and the controversial naval blockade of the nation will be temporarily lifted. Once these conditions are met, Berenstein’s Garda Nacōnals and their mercenary allies will deliver POWs in batches to the front line. The shipments will allegedly be stretched out over the course of the ceasefire, to ensure the integrity of the agreement. 

The families of these POWs have been quick to voice their support for this arrangement, overjoyed at the prospect of their loved ones coming home. Marē Zarina, mother of imprisoned Eirian army officer Lt. Jakōb Kaune-Zarins, published a video on Eirian social media site StenDam a few hours after the deal was announced. “I must personally thank all of the representatives who have been working tirelessly to bring my son and his compatriots home. I cannot express just how relieved and overjoyed I am.”

However, not all feedback for the arrangement has been positive. Senator Rene Dumant (Cen – Plankanlauki), a member of the Senate Committee on the Military, expressed his concerns in a brief interview while leaving the Senate Chamber. “Of course, I am happy for our soldiers and all of their families. However, I’m also concerned at what exactly this will cost. We are so close to completely liberating Auria, and now, we are forced to sit by while the traitors reinforce their positions and slow down our advances even further. I’m just not convinced that this was the best way to get our soldiers back.”

The ceasefire officially starts tomorrow. 

*United Aurian Press does not recognize, endorse, or support the use of this title in any way.

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