Lauchenoirian Pop Star Shauna Light Passes Out On Stage

A Lauchenoirian pop star, who uses the stage name Shauna Light, has passed out on stage at a concert taking place on Butterfly Island. The star, who is popular among the 11-17 demographic, was in the middle of her song Snail in a Box in the early evening, when without warning she appeared to suffer from some kind of seizure, and lost consciousness. Light, who is 22, has not publicly disclosed any medical conditions which could cause seizures.

Light first rose to prominence after the conclusion of the Second Lauchenoirian Civil War, when the then-18 year old hosted a number of fundraising gigs to raise money for those displaced by the conflict. Videos of these fundraisers circulated online, with Light gaining a following among the teen demographic in a number of countries, particularly – but not limited to – those with Spanish as an official or common language. Light, who sings in both English and Spanish, became an overnight sensation.

Tonight’s concert, held in the early evening, was aimed at the under-18s demographic with alcohol being banned entirely during the event. Ticket sales for the event numbered 3,263; which would have produced a full house at Mariposa Hall, a concert venue in the middle of Seahaven on Butterfly Island. The concert was also being broadcast live by several television networks from several countries; only some of which managed to cut the live feed before the incident.

Light remains in Seahaven General Hospital, and is reported to be in a stable condition. It is believed that Light will produce a public statement on the incident tomorrow. Those in attendance at the concert will be entitled to a 50% refund on their ticket prices, as most of the concert had already taken place by the time the incident occurred.

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