Exiled Eikan Princess Creates “Freedom of Eikangard Foreign Legion.”

Inwokuwuk, Whetosonghnee – With the increase in tensions between The State of Eikangard and Whetosonghnee, many have grown concerned with the latter’s ability to resist the overwhelming size of the Eikan Army. This has apparently reached the attention of Princess Janet Mäss of Eikangard, exiled heiress to the Eikan Throne. Tapping into the vast overseas investments and wealth held by the royal family, the Princess has announced the creation of the Freedom of Eikangard Foreign Legion (FEFL). The stated goal of this organization is to “provide a operationally effective fighting force to supplement the Whetosonghnean Armed Forces in the fight against the State of Eikangard, with eventual the goal of liberating the latter from the military junta based in Ykangad.

A spokesperson for the Royal Family has stated that the Eikan Legion expects to recruit around 50,000 personnel from countries across the IDU with aligned ideological goals. They have stated that those with prior military experience will be prioritized, though all are welcome and will be trained to a military standard. The legion is also asking for donations of equipment, specifically small arms and anti-tank weapons, to further equip the legions. Though initial equipment will be provided by old, refurbished stocks from the now-defunct Eikan Royal Army including tanks, APCs, and heavy artillery.

Initial reactions from the Whetosonghnean public has ranged from support to denouncement, with some calling the Legion: “A blatant provocation by an old institution against peace.” Others, who believe Eikangard to be a threat to Whetosonghnean sovereignty, has called the the Legion “necessary” and “a show of support from our Eikan Brothers and Sisters in exile.” Time will tell how effective or necessary this group will be.

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