Unabridged Original Manifesto Removed from Ban List

The Council of Kerlile has removed the unabridged version of the Founders’ Manifesto from the Kerlian Censorship Board’s ban list. The full manifesto has been banned since 1960, allegedly due to “distressing patriarchal descriptions” of the world before the foundation of Kerlile. Instead, an abridged version has been available since then; and has been required reading in Kerlian schools. Now, the full manifesto will once again be allowed to see the light of day – and may shock many Kerlians.

Because the full manifesto challenges the very foundations of gynarchism.

This reality has been hinted at before, with the banning of other books that heavily reference the original manifesto; as well as doubts regarding the stated region for the initial censorship. However, the Council today openly admitted that they had been hiding the true contents of the original manifesto; in what many are calling an attempt to distract the world from the publication of another banned manifesto – that of the alleged Amelia Quinn, who the Council claims ‘may not exist’.

The full text of the Founders’ Manifesto includes three additional chapters from the abridged version. One does indeed contain graphic descriptions of the reasons for the founding of Kerlile; i.e. a gruesome depiction of life on a patriarchal planet. However, the other two unbanned chapters are far more provocative. Chapters 12 and 13 go into detail on what the manifesto refers to as the “next stages” following all-female rule; depicting as the ideal not gynarchy, but egalitarian democracy.

Indeed, the other chapters have also been heavily censored for the past 60 years. The original manifesto makes it clear that all-female rule is intended as a temporary state in order to allow a societal transition away from patriarchal attitudes; to be replaced with fully equal rights and responsibilities once the “necessary cultural shift” has taken place. The Manifesto even entrusts the Council of Kerlile with the “safeguarding of our intentions”.

Councillor Chiu, who announced the decision to allow the publication of the full text, said: “we have strayed from the path set out for us by our forebears. We have become corrupted by our desire for power, and our fear of change. But we must change. We must admit our mistakes and move forward in order to build the society that our mothers and grandmothers intended. No longer shall we seek to become like men. We must strive to become better. We must strive to seek peace, not war. We must not fall into the same traps that patriarchal countries have fallen into. If we are to change the culture of the world, we must first change ourselves.”

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