Petrović Rules Out “Politician” as Consortium Sec-Gen

Zarenskograd – Caorogoth Prime Minister Stanisław Petrović said today at a press conference that it was his “and others” preference that the first Secretary-General of the Consortium of Independent Nations should “not be a politician”, dashing the hopes of some former heads of government or foreign ministers in Consortium member states.

“It is my opinion, and I think also it is the opinion of others in the Consortium, that we should not have a career politician as our first Secretary-General. I think politicians are very divisive, and it would be better for the Consortium to have a smooth start”, he told journalists in the Caoroan capital city as their parliament reopened after a two month summer recess. “Maybe it would be good to have someone with experience of running an NGO or big charity, or maybe a senior diplomat. Politicians are too selfish.”

Petrović praised the governments of the Consortium member states for “putting aside historical differences” to join together in the new venture and said that “for countries like Caorogoth, the opportunities for economic success is very exciting”. His comments come as inflation in the country is reaching an all-time high, and government debt rising fast. Asked if he expected the government would be selling more debt on the bond markets, he said “it’s something we will consider”. Currently the Divine Federation of Sanctaria owns the most Caoroan debt, though it’s understood it’s looking to offload some of it and the government in Sanctus would be unwilling to buy any more.

“I think in terms of trade and commerce, the Consortium will open many doors. That is why it’s important to not have someone from politics, who maybe caused policy and trade problems when they were in office”, he said, with some journalists seeing this as a veiled swipe at former Sanctarian Foreign Secretary Yasminé Pontif, who was hoping would be considered, who was very hard on Caorogoth’s foreign policy endeavours in her time in office.

KIM TOWERS, Foreign Editor

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