Breaking News: DIA says they have evidence FIS infiltrated Xiomera

Xiomeran police fire water cannon at protesters against relocations

The DIA, Doatian Intelligence, Agency, says that they’ve discovered evidence substantiating Xiomera’s suspicions that the FIS, Huenya’s Intelligence Agency, infiltrated their nation.

Suspected of infiltrating Xiomera and influencing protests, as well as inciting violence and spurring anti-Imperial sentiment, Doatia can now substantiate these claims.

Primarily through social media hacking and schemes, the FIS has conducted an aggressive campaign of misinformation and propaganda designed to spur anti-Xiomera sentiments and incite violence.

DIA Director Fitzgerald has said it’s a “blatant violation of sovereignty” and “surely worthy of a notable, stern, and swift respond by Xiomera and her allies”.

Fitzgerald has been summoned by the People’s Chamber to testify before the Homeland Security committee.

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