Whetosonghnee to Boost Military Spending, Integrate Freedom of Eikangard Foreign Legion

Inwokuwuk, Whetosonghnee – IN the face of continuing aggression from the State of Eikangard, the Whetosonghnean Parliament has approved the increase of defence spending. With an additional 20.1 Billion to spend, military spending will now total 43.8 Billion for the year of 2023. The Whetosonghnean Armed Forces will be focusing on adding additional capabilities, seeking to fund the production of additional tanks, armored vehicles, artillery, air defence systems, among others. This will also include the emergency purchase or lend-leasing of foreign equipment to increase the capabilities of the Armed Forces.

Additionally, the Army plans to increase the number of manoeuvre units within its force structure by adding two armoured brigades and five mechanized brigades to its roster. The current spending package has also been paired with an amendment to the Emergencies Act to allow for the conscription of all able-bodied males between the ages of 18 to 25 for military service. This would also bar these individuals from leaving the country.

Also, the military plans to induct the Freedom of Eikangard Foreign Legion into the official chain of command. This will be done to increase operational cooperation and coordination between the regular army and the volunteer force. However, this will only take official effect with the invocation of the Emergencies Act, and the FEFL will remain a separate organization from the regular Army.

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