Chamber schedules vote on bill to restrict Monarchy’s authority, Queen responds

(above) Chancellor Recardo announces a special session of the People’s Chamber

In the wake of inflammatory comments by Princess Ayana Horishi-Bokum, Chancellor Recardo has scheduled a special session of the Chamber for August 19th, calling all members back to Doa City, again interrupting their summer break which began just a couple days ago.

During a routine meeting at LIDUN, the Princess called for an abrupt change in Doatian Diplomatic and Military policy, including but not limited to: an expansion of Doatia’s northern border, and for Doatia to act as the regions “police force”, policing trade routes and expanding naval presence in the Tenebric Ocean.

It immediately garnered stiff criticism by members of most parties, as well as activists, organizers, indigenous leaders, and faith leaders. Doa City and other urban centers experienced peaceful protests which have sustained into today.

On the morning of August 18th, Chancellor Recardo scheduled the special session to respond to recent events, including considering several proposals to limit the authority and influence of the Monarchy. While the proposals range in severity, it seems like certain pieces are gaining traction; such as a restriction of diplomatic authority, abolishing the Monarchy’s LIDUN representative (currently Princess Ayana), disallowing the Monarchy from military procurement, allow the Chamber to override any decision from the Monarchy by a simple majority vote (currently requires 2/3 majority vote), and allow the Chamber to restrict or expand the authority of the Monarchy at any point in the future by a simple majority vote (currently requires 2/3 majority vote).

This afternoon, in response to the reaction surrounding the Princess’s comments, the Queen issues a response:

“The Monarchy has taken proactive action in Roucourt, to protect innocent people, to pursue democracy, to oppose oppressive forces. My decision to act swiftly has been one that has met fierce criticism, both domestically and internationally. While it is not a decision I regret, I hear the concerns and the grievances, and it is one I would not make unilaterally again. The Princess went rogue at LIDUN, and departed from even the agenda of the Monarchy, of which I am still the Sovereign. I have removed her from her post, effective immediately. I will also be meeting with the Royal Council to discuss next steps, including disciplinary action against the Princess, including consideration of the maximum penalty, disinheritance and removal from the line of succession. These considerations are not ones I take lightly. Finally, myself and the entire Monarchy will cooperate with the People’s Chamber in their duty of checking and balancing the Monarchy, in accordance with our constitution and ideals. While I believe the Monarchy to be an essential and revered institution, and one from which much good can be done, history has taught us an overpowered Monarchy, and an unregulated one, breeds more harm than good.”

Under the previous Loaz Administration, defense legislation was passed expanding Doatia’s naval presence in the Southern Ocean and waters near Doatia. Those plans will continue to be executed. There also seems to be support for additional procurement of Aircraft carriers, submarines, warships, and drone support.

An official statement was officially released from the Monarchy announcing a major shift in approach to international matters, in response to the recent backlash:

“We hear the grievances from both Doatians and citizens of the world and will are heeding your call. We must reign in the Monarchy, even if it means restricting the institution further. We will not work against the will of the people of Doatia. Due to recent events, the Monarchy is voluntarily surrendering all military authority to the office of the Chancellor. This means oversight of DAF, including General Organa, and oversight of Doatia’s involvement in the civil war in Roucourt, will be the full responsibility of the Chancellor, as opposed to shared authority between the Monarchy and the office of the Chancellor. Furthermore, the Monarchy will no longer have operational authority for Doatia’s intervention in Roucourt. Finally, the Monarchy will abandon all military priorities and initiatives, instead focusing on diplomacy and global welfare. The Monarchy will engage in foreign mediation and aid, and nothing further.”

Chancellor Recardo maintains Doatia’s commitment to Roucourt, ensuring that her administration will continue to hold the ARL and PNDS accountable, and work to restore full control of the nation to the government of Roucourt.

Queen Aiyisha will meet with the full Royal Council again after the special session tomorrow, to discuss next steps. The Royal Council, consisting of 9 voting members and 15 nonvoting members, 24 total, includes:

Voting (high council) –

Queen Aiyisha

Queen Mother Alocia

King Father Alexander

Prince Alsheer

Princess Ayana

Prince Consort (husband of Princess Ayana)

Royal Liason to the Office of Chancellor

Royal Liason to the People’s Chamber

Royal Liason to the Supreme Court

Nonvoting (low council) –

Appointed advisors to the Queen

Combined, they are the “Royal Council”.

Doatian Journal Senior Correspondent Keauna Neal

(OOC: I sincerely apologize to anyone who was alarmed or concerned at my last article. I also apologize for my defensive and counterproductive response to accountability. As I still get acclimated to this wonderful region, I now call home, including how it function, I realize I have much to learn. After such a big statement being made in an article, especially one which, at first glance, could’ve had huge implications for members’ nations, I should’ve offered a disclaimer/notified members of the direction of the rp. While I have made and will likely continue to make mistake, it is not and has never been my intention to influence of direct the rp of any other members’ nation without their expressed consent. I look forward to more great stories, thrilling roleplay, and getting to know you all more. This is a beautiful community, and I am honored to be a part of it.)

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