Spree of Bombings Across Eiria Target Key Infrastructure

Eiria’s policing, intelligence, and military forces are on high alert today as a series of attacks shook the nation. In the early hours of this morning, a number of unknown assailants placed explosive devices at three train stations, a naval base, and a hydroelectric dam. The resulting explosions killed at least two people and injured over a dozen more.

Between the hours of three and four A.M. Eirian Standard Time, three separate underground train stations were bombed in major metropolitan areas. The first bomb was detonated at 3:17 A.M. in Karso Street station in Serenity City, a large transfer station that connects the western suburbs to lines that reach the rest of the metropolitan area. Two platforms were put out of commission by the blast, and three people were injured (one worker, two commuters). The city’s Red and Gray lines have been shut down, however the number of buses in the area shall be increased for anyone who’s commute was affected by this attack.

The second blast occurred at 3:29 AM at Leis Čelšei Station in New Riga, a key station at the center of the city’s Business Quarter. A platform and a walkway were severely damaged, and two people were injured. The Purple-Two line will be shut down until further notice.

The third metro attack occured in Geminus at 3:42 A.M. in Hayala Station. Thanks to the quick thinking of Geminus Metropolitan Transport staff, the platform where the bomb was placed was evacuated, preventing any injuries. Platforms Three and Four were quickly cleared of debris by emergency workers and will resume operation in a few days, according to Ministry of Transportation officials.

Unfortunately, these stations were not the only places attacked this morning. At Alden Naval Base in southern Jurmala Province, an unknown terrorist somehow breached base security and made their way to Dock Seven, placing two explosive devices near the EIS Jeanne Pire (a cruiser) and the EIS Vecē (a destroyer). The detonation of these devices killed two people, one enlisted sailor named Private Gaks Howard, and one dock worker named Lēam Blank. At least eight additional service members sustained mild to moderate injuries attempting to put out the resulting fires. According to a Ministry of Defense spokesperson, all military bases are on high alert.

A fifth attack on the Davant Hydroelectric Dam was foiled after a security guard and an engineer apprehended a terrorist who attempted to set off a bomb at the dam’s base. Thanks to the help of the Monterre Province Bomb squad, the explosive device was successfully recovered and the suspect was taken into the custody of the Ministry of Justice’s Terrorism Task Force pending a full investigation.

An unnamed intelligence official spoke to The Geminus Journal this afternoon about the series of attacks. “The sequential nature of these bombings is highly suspicious. This was not the work of uncoordinated amateurs. These saboteurs managed to get access to incredibly sensitive areas in order to destroy crucial government infrastructure. I highly suspect that these attacks were the work of a foreign power in order to undermine our republic.”

The Stendē administration has offered condolences to the victims and has urged everyone to stay out of high-traffic areas whenever possible. More information will be published as it is made available.

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