The National Intelligence Bureau is close to reporting on ballot issues during the 2022 election

Today, Fernando Chan of the NIB announced his department was close to finishing a complete report on ballot and voting issues in Slokais during the 2022 Election. During the election, 10,234 ballots were invalidated by the SIBC, this was the highest since the controversial 2000 election. In the end, the Supreme Court ruled over 7,000 had been cast for Weasley and had been falsely invalidated. This outcome led to questions from all sides about what led to this error. Another key factor is that many of the ballots were from several townships in South Kaijan.

The National Intelligence Bureau is an executive agency that is managed by the President. This led to calls from some left-wing figures that President Weasley had called for an investigation to frame political opponents. Minister of Education, Spartacus Jones called the NIB “a shadow of the military-industrial complex designed to benefit the political establishment”. He later stated this was a criticism of the origin of the NIB, not the current organization or its investigation. According to Director Chan, the investigation was of mysterious documents found in the South Kaijan Board of Elections Office. Questions arose last week when members of Prime Minster Joseph Chavez’s team were reported to have been seen at the NIB Headquarters in Eastbank, New Liverpool. Could Joseph Chavez have been involved in ballot issues? The NIB has refused to detail any aspects of their findings. However, some right-wing politicians have seen this development as clear evidence of his guilt. Micheal Spencer (New Right-Point Lee) has called for a vote of no confidence, though it is unlikely to pass.

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