Doatian Daily Update: 26/08/23 DAF makes gains against PNDS/ARL

(above) The recently released updated map of Roucourt, showing the status of the ongoing Civil War

  • Commander of the Doatian Armed Forces, Veronica Organa, testified before the Military Oversight Committee of the People’s Chamber. DAF releases updated map after approval from the government of Roucourt
  • Cori Bernadino hospitalized
  • Queen Aiyisha disinherits Princess Ayana, and selects Prince Alsheer as heir
  • People’s Chamber passed bill severely restricting Monarchy’s authority, awaiting Chancellor’s signature
  • Hurricane Monique ravishes the Mushiki community “Devli”, requiring evacuation of the southeastern portion of the island.

Commander Organa Testimony: After receiving a formal request, denying it, and then being subpoenaed by the Chamber’s Committee on Military Oversight, Veronica Organa has finally testified before the committee. The long-awaited testimony shed some light on some much sought after updates on the Civil War in Roucourt. The DAF has made significant gains against the ARL, all but eradicating them. Although the PNDS still holds a lot of territory in Roucourt, the DAF has made significant progress eroding their control. Also unveiled is a startling admission by the Commander that DIA Director Fitzgerald has “displayed an extreme loyalty to the Monarchy, specifically the Princess and her husband, teetering on a violation of his oath of office in favor of their interests”. She also expressed doubts on the credibility of DIA’s evidence against FIS, regarding their supposed infiltration of Xiomera, saying “we [DAF] couldn’t verify anything”.

Her fiery testimony went on to explain the lack of transparency on Doatia’s intervention in Roucourt, saying the orders were “above her paygrade”. The only people who have the authority to restrict the Commander would be the Monarchy, specifically the Queen and her now-former heir, Princess Ayana.

Former Chancellor Bernadino Hospitalized: Delta Bernadino, the Chancellor’s eldest daughter and a member of the People’s Chamber (District 128-PLP), spoke at a press conference organized by the family yesterday morning. Apparently, after being removed from her position by a vote of no confidence, the former Chancellor experienced “rapid mental decline”. Her condition deteriorating to the point which her family filed a petition, which was approved last week, to have her declared incompetent and place a conservatorship offer her and her assets.

Doatia’s strict conservatorship laws allow close friends (must be named in a notarized will) and immediate family (unless specifically disallowed in will), as well as certain medical professionals to file a petition to place someone in a conservatorship. First, it requires a mental health professional, social worker, and judge to agree that the individual is incompetent. The expedited process takes at least 7 days. Current laws require the individual first be evaluated by a medical professional (the patient has a right to request a second opinion). The social worker then must evaluate the patient’s condition for at least 7 days, and deliver their findings to the judge who has jurisdiction wherever the petition was filed. The social worker can also require additional evaluations by a medical professional, as well as involuntary admission to nursing homes/retirement communities/mental health institutions (the individual and power of attorney can challenge this, which a judge must consider within 3 days). The judge then decides on whether to place the individual in a conservatorship, who their conservators (always more than one) are and hears any appeals. Individuals (and POA) can request another judge at the beginning of a trial, due to bias or judicial neglect, with a case being heard no more than 30 days later. The individual (and POA) can also request a retrial, with a case being heard no more than 30 days later. If all pathways to challenge are exhausted, the individual (and POA) can file a civil rights complaint in federal court, and have the case heard within 60 days.

Apparently, after being placed in a conservatorship, her decline became more rapid until she was no longer coherent yesterday and had to be admitted. Delta, one of the conservators, had her admitted yesterday afternoon.

Princess Ayana no longer heir to the throne, disinherited: After her inflammatory comments earlier this month, the Royal Council, namely Queen Aiyisha herself, have disinherited Ayana Bokum from her royal titles and responsibilities, allowance, residence, vehicles, and official association. This is the first time a member of the royal family has been disinherited in over 100 years. The Queen also selected another heir, effectively replacing the former Princess, Prince Alsheer. This decision is to be reconsidered in 6 months by the Royal Council. The Queen’s office released a statement shortly after: “Ayana Bokum, Daughter of the Queen, has engaged in behavior unbecoming of a member of the royal family and has not portrayed the grace or professionality required of an heir to the throne. Her behavior threatened to disrupt domestic and foreign relations. It motivated unrest in Doatia amongst her people. It required a steep consequence.”

People’s Chamber passes bill restricting Monarchy: By a vote of 583Y/102N/15P, the Chamber voted by a supermajority (threshold required) to restrict the Monarchy’s authority and amend how further restrictions can be imposed. Combining the EJP’s most prominent proposal, removing any military and security authority from the Monarchy, a CP proposal amending how further restrictions can be passed from a 2/3 majority to a simple majority of the Chamber, and a PLP proposal removing the Monarchy’s member of Doatia’s delegation to LIDUN and removing any diplomatic authority from the Monarchy.

While the Chancellor has endorsed most components of the bill, she expressed opposition to removing full diplomatic authority from the Monarchy. She has said she wants to maintain the Monarch’s role as head of state, and how that’s executed throughout the Monarchy as an institution. When asked to elaborate, she said she wanted to Monarchy to be able to continue to engage in diplomacy and foreign aid.

The next step towards implementation is the Chancellor signature. This being the second bill sent to her desk during her term, whether or not she will sign it despite her disagreement with the restriction of diplomatic authority is yet to be seen. She has until end-of-day Monday to sign or veto it. A veto would automatically trigger the Chamber’s veto override process. Seeing as the bill passed above the same threshold required for veto overrides means an override is likely.

Hurricane Monique, Queen declared state of emergency, Chancellor directs additional funding to DERT (Doatian Emergency Response Taskforce): Hurricane Monique, which made landfall Wednesday, has all but destroyed the small Mushiki community “Devli”. The 202 resident community sits low on the southeastern coast of Mushiki island and was without a doubt the hardest hit by the devastating storm.

The ancient community, which has roots older than the founding of Doatia, is reeling from recent flooding and severe winds. Roughly 72% of the community is underwater, including most of its municipal buildings. All of its residents had to be evacuated further inland. Both of its school are destroyed, and its hospital literally washed away. The current death toll is 61, over a quarter of the community’s entire population.

DERT sent taskforces into the area immediately after the storm to aid in evacuation. Several field hospitals were originally setup to aid survivors until evacuation could be executed. Mushiki island has no freeway system and most roads out-of-town were destroyed in the storm, so evacuation had to be done by air. The Chancellor directed 6 DAF helicopters to aid in evacuation, with some residents evacuating by foot through the surrounding forest further inland.

Flooding was worsened by an aging sewage system which became overwhelmed and was not operating at optimal levels before the storm. As well as an outdated sea wall which hasn’t been raised in 8 decades.

40 people (20% population) from Devli are still missing, and the death toll is expected to rise.

The rest of the island experienced damage as well, with several other close-to-sea-level areas being evacuated as well. Roughly 40% of Mushiki island is without power, and 70% without running water.

In all of Doatia, Hurricane Monique has caused over $506 Billion Doa worth of damage, and has had 62 confirmed casualties so far.

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