Chancellor approves National Biology Institute of Wosteaque expedition on Mushiki Island

(Above) Image of the coast of Mushiki Island

Chancellor Recardo has approved a scientific expedition on Mushiki Island, by the National Biology Institute of Wosteaque, on Mushiki Island. The primary purpose of the expedition is to try and local the mystical and rumored “winged elephant”. The Doatian Winged Elephant is not only the national animal, but is connected to thousands of myths and legends, with history dating back before the founding of Doatia.

Queen Aiyisha has repeatedly said she has seen a winged elephant during her youth at the Royal Palace Tunisti in Northwestern Doatia.

The expedition has been approved in the area of the palace as well. A platoon of Wosteaque soldiers, the 472nd Jungle Operations Platoon (around 50 soldiers) from the 21st Infantry Division, will accompany the expedition. On Mushiki Island, in accordance with tribal law, the expedition will be accompanied by a delegation from the Mushiki tribe.

At Palace Tunisiti, the expedition will be accompanied by a squad (15 guards) of the Royal Guard.

Prince Alsheer and his fiancé and soon-to-be Prince Consort, Antonia McCready will also briefly join the expedition during its time on Mushiki Island.

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