Chancellor Recardo vetoes bill which would greatly restrict Doatian Monarchy

(Above): Chancellor’s Residence (Executive Residence)

The People’s Chamber voted overwhelmingly to approve a bill which would greatly restrict the Monarchy. With 583 yea votes, the “Monarchy Oversight and Restriction Bill of 2023”, with cosponsors from all parties, was approved just days ago and sent to the Chancellor’s desk.

The bill contains language which would restrict military and security authority from the Monarchy, amends how further restrictions can be passed from a 2/3 majority threshold to a simple majority requirement, and removed the Monarchy’s member of Doatia’s LIDUN Delegation (formerly Princess Ayana).

The bill also removes all diplomatic authority from the Monarchy, something the Chancellor disagreed with as the bill was being crafted and seemingly the root cause of her veto. She insists that the Monarchy maintain its diplomatic authority and that the law remain faithful to the Sovereign’s role of Head of State, and how that is executed throughout the Monarchy as an institution.

Releasing a brief statement along with her closed-door veto, she said: “While it was my intention to support a bill to restrict the Monarchy, and I did support an earlier version of this bill, language added late into the process makes my support impossible. The Monarch is our Head of State, and while reasonable restriction, oversight, and accountability of its reach and authority has become a necessity, it is not a mandate to fundamentally alter their intended role in Doatian society and government. Therefore, I request language counter to this be removed and a portion establishing a permanent Chamber committee on Monarchy Oversight be added, in order to secure my signature. I recognize the Chamber’s right to override this veto, and will respect that, should it come to pass.”

Party leaders have been quick to respond to the veto.

The CP’s Rebecca Loaz hosted a joint press conference on the Chamber steps with the Chair of the Doatian Nationalist, Dontae Rose.

Loaz spoke first, saying “How deep does the Monarchy’s infiltration of our democracy go? First a radical rogue Princess attempting to drastically alter our foreign policy, the leader of our security agency under the direct influence of said Princess and inciting tensions against Huenya, the Commander of our Military silenced by the Monarchy, and now, a veto of an extremely popular bill to restrict the authority of the Monarchy, a veto likely influenced by the Monarchy, perhaps the very Queen herself. I don’t know. But it certainly is beyond fishy and warrants a thorough investigation, preferably not by a EJP lackey or individual prone to bias in favor of the Monarchy. This bill promises to do the very thing the Chancellor claims to want to do. But when it reaches her desk, she vetoes it. Ridiculous. Perhaps its time to go past restricting the ancient institution and look at abolishing it instead.

A process to override the veto will begin automatically, with the Speaker mandated to bring it to the floor within 3 days. The CP will vote to override this veto.”

“While we disagree with our friends at the CP with the abolishment of the Monarchy, as we recognize it as an essential and sacred institution of Doatia, we also recognize the need for accountability. Accountability in the form of oversight and, ultimately, restriction of authority. The Monarchy as an institution has displayed alarming behavior recently which not only warrants concern, but a quick response. It is this Chamber’s responsibility to enact the will of the people. Before Doatia’s intervention in Roucourt, at the order of Queen Aiyisha, approval of the Monarchy sat at 88%. After, 82%. After the Princess’s comments, 73%, and after the Commander’s testimony, 36%. This is a 100-year low and the grievances against the Monarchy are downright scary. Influencing the leader of the DIA. Perhaps now the Chancellor. Attempting to drastically change foreign and military policy. Silencing military leadership. Obstructing accountability. Through certain eyes, preventing Commander Organa from testifying before the Chamber when requested, forcing her to deny the invitation, is obstruction itself and would likely warrant the removal of a Chancellor should they have done the same. I condemn the Chancellor’s decision to veto and will join the CP in supporting an override.”

EJP Spokesperson Claudia McKenzie released the following statement: While a majority of our caucus supported this bill, a majority also supports our leader and Chancellor. We will move to block any veto override and will pursue the amendments requested by the Chancellor, as our goal remains to hold the Monarchy accountable and restrict their authority where necessary.”

This morning, PLP leader Philomena Vincente spoke to reporters in the press gallery of the People’s Chamber, saying in part: “Our party was told to vote their conscience, and we’re divided on the bill to begin with. 43% of my members voted in favor, 50% voted against. Now, with the veto, the bill will be debated again, with additional amendments offered. The party will back the amendments proposed by the Chancellor, to move this process forward, and help shape the bill preferred by the Chancellor. We recognize conservative attempts at a veto override to be counterproductive and will encourage our members to oppose them. When a final bill is brought back to the floor, after amendment, we will again encourage our members to vote their conscience.”

Should the bill fail again, it will either be withdrawn or go back to committee.

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