Vice-Speaker of Huenya assassinated

Tiacihitli, Vice-Speaker of Huenya
-Great Speaker of Huenya survives assassination attempt
-Huenya faces largest insurrection since civil war
-Huenyan government accuses Xiomera of incidents

The Vice-Speaker of Huenya, Tiacihitli, has been assassinated by an unknown assailant inside his residence and offices in the Huenyan capital Chuaztlapoc.

The incident began on August 24th, when the Vice-Speaker fell ill following dinner in his offices and slipped into unconsciousness. Despite being rushed to the hospital, the Vice-Speaker never regained consciousness and died of cardiac arrest on August 26th.

The Great Speaker of Huenya, Texōccoatl, fell victim to a similar assassination attempt at the same time. Reports from the government, however, indicate that the Great Speaker has survived the attempt and is expected to have a slow but full recovery. His survival will mean that Texōccoatl will lead the Huenyan government and will be responsible for choosing an interim Vice-Speaker until such time as the Huenyan Federal Legislature approves someone to fill that role pending elections.

This comes at the same time that Huenya has been battling a massive uprising by the notorious Golden Blade terrorist group and its supporters. The terrorist group seeks to topple the Huenyan government, and restore ethnic Xiomeran rule over Huenya. The group was already responsible for the loss of the Xonacatlán region of Huenya, which the Xiomeran Empire formally annexed earlier this year following a similar uprising. The latest uprising appears timed to coincide with the assassination attempts on Huenya’s top leaders. It has also placed a much larger part of Huenya into unrest. Out of Huenya’s 508 current districts, 254 of them are reporting active insurrectionist activity. If all of these districts were to slip completely out of government control, it would result in the loss of half of Huenya’s remaining territory. The emergency administration of Huenya, led by Tianquema (President pro tem of the Huenyan Chamber of Deputies) has thus far been completely unable to stem the separatist uprising.

The Huenyan government has accused the Xiomeran Empire of being behind both the assassination attempts and the insurrection. The Director of the Federal Intelligence Service, Cuetlancaona, has reported that the two Huenyan leaders were poisoned. The poison used was miquiztlicoatl, a rare and extremely deadly Xiomeran poison. “Very few people anywhere in the world would have access to miquiztlicoatl and know how to use it. The most likely person who would have both access to miquiztlicoatl and a reason to use it against our leaders is Calhualyana,” the FIS director told the media.

The Huenyan legislature has called an emergency joint session to determine a response to the crisis and to accept the person who Texōccoatl shall nominate as interim Vice-Speaker. Huenya is also expected to call on both the UCS and LIDUN to levy a stern response against Xiomera.

The Xiomeran government has so far not responded to the allegations made against it.

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