Members of both DIA and DAF have rebelled against Doatia, and form the DRF

(Above: DRF occupation force outside Hunaq)

Roughly 30% of DIA operatives in the nation walked out of DIA HQ in solidarity Wednesday, and nearly 20% of DAF soldiers stationed across the nation followed suit shortly after. This comes after a massive broadcast over the last few weeks, by encrypted chats and coded messages, called for an open rebellion against Doatia. Messages attacking government policy, the EJP, CP and PLP, gay rights, Doatia’s “weakness” on international matters, the restriction of the Monarchy, the “failures” of the Queen, and the “usurping” of the rightful heir, we sent out in masse. To lead this rebellion? The DRF (Doatian Restoration Federation), under the leadership of former-Princess Ayana Bokum, went public today, by releasing an address across Doatia’s communications network.

The original “broadcasts” called for those who wish to join the DRF to gather outside of Hunaq, at the DCCA. The DIA had gotten wind of a potential attack days earlier, although the scope of their intel was limited, and did not, for example, prepare the agency for a rebellion from within its ranks. Officers, soldiers, and DIA operatives loyal to Doatia were awaiting the arrival of the DRF outside of the DCCA.

Late last night, members of the DRF launched an attack on the Doatian Central Communications Administration (DCCA), based in Hunaq. Despite joining together rather recently, over 200 members attacked the facility. Despite their early arrival and preparation, law enforcement was quickly overwhelmed and sustained many casualties. Once in control of the facility, they hacked into the network to release a prerecorded address from Bokum. In part, she said “The People’s Chamber have overstepped and restricted the Monarchy, the divine institution responsible for Doatia and her greatness. My own mother, the incapable Queen, usurped me from the line of succession to placate radicals and extremists in Doatia’s government. Those rightfully loyal to the Monarchy prosecuted. Doatia refusing to fully assert herself on the international stage. We look weak, we are weak! We will tolerate it no more.”

She went on to call for all of those most loyal to the DRF, her, and her agenda to gather outside the DCCA, and “hold the territory”. She said the “DRF will maintain control of this facility indefinitely, to ensure that we have the ability to communicate with the world.”

She went further to say that the DRF will launch in occupation of Hunaq in 2 days, if their initial demands aren’t met.

Hunaq, a city of roughly 200,000 in Hunaq peninsula, is the largest immigrant-majority city. The closest base in a couple hundred miles away, on the northeastern tip of the peninsula. The base there, which lost more soldiers to the DRF than any other installation in Doatia, is mobilizing to secure the city and “essential and emergency routes” surrounding it.

DRF initial demands:

  • Removing Queen Aiyisha from the throne, and coronating DRF’s leader, Ayana Bokum
  • Restoring diplomatic authority from the Monarchy
  • Restricting the authority of the People’s Chamber
  • Suspending the Chamber and calling for a special election
  • Postponing a special election until the Monarchy redraws Doatia’s electoral districts
  • Rewriting of the Doatian constitution
  • The imprisonment of Veronica Organa, Aiyisha Bokum, Alsheer Bokum, Chancellor Shuri Recardo, former Chancellor Cori Bernadino, and Rebecca Loaz, among others
  • A rehaul of Doatia’s legal and court system
  • The reappointment of all Federal judges, by the Monarchy
  • Closing Doatia’s borders and building a wall along the northeastern border
  • Deporting at least 50% of legal noncitizen residents
  • Banning gay marriage, and recognize the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman
  • Abolishing the Chancellorship
  • Granting all military authority to the Monarchy
  • Raising the thresholds to amend the Constitution (75% Chamber majority, 80% popular vote)

Chancellor Recardo has issued a State of Emergency, increases capitol security and security around the palace, and mobilized national guard members across the nation to Hunaq. She also called for all DIA operatives and all domestically based soldiers to be thoroughly vetted.

Queen Aiyisha has called for Ayana’s immediate arrest and imprisonment, and the “complete annihilation of the DRF.”

Ayana Bokum was spotted arriving at the now-DRF compound, via a large military convoy, this afternoon. Commander Organa is reportedly seeking permission for an airstrike, which is strictly prohibited for deployment domestically and would require a 2/3 Chamber majority vote.

Doatian Journal Domestic Correspondent, Steven Opaquil

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