Queen Aiyisha calls for special session of Chamber, Chancellor declares a state of emergency

(Above: Queen Aiyisha delivers an address before the People’s Chamber.)

This afternoon Chancellor Recardo delivered an address updating Doatian’s on what’s being called the “DRF Insurrection” and declared a state of emergency. As part of her address, the Chancellor informed Doatians that several additional DRF spies in both the DIA and DAF have been rooted out. A thorough vetting of DAF soldiers in Roucourt is underway. The DIA is relocating to a confidential location within Doatia. The DAF is transferring soldiers and mobilizing parts of Doatia’s soldier reserve.

Acting DIA Director Carlos Remini released a statement on behalf of the DIA: “We’ve been betrayed to the highest extent, both as Doatians and as members of this once-esteemed institution. I am ashamed at what is has become. We allowed an insurrection to take hold right under our noses. Carried out by our own brothers and sisters in this agency. I will not yield in reforming this agency, to ensure that it adheres to its principals; first and foremost, loyalty to Doatia. I will also not yield in personally leading the hunt for each and every former member of the DIA who violated their oath and betrayed this nation.

Due to security concerns, DIA HQ will be relocated immediately, to a discreet and confidential location, until the insurrection is handled. As DAF is Doatia’s first line of defense, we are its last.”

Queen Aiyisha called for a special session in the immediate aftermath of reporting revealing the DRF and its infiltration of the DAF and DIA. This afternoon, she arrived in the People’s Chamber with her personal security. Dressed in her normal royal attire, her usual reserved nature faded away and was replaced by a determination unlike any other. She walked towards the podium, after being announced by the Speaker. All eyes were on her. Her face was stern; the usual smiles and handshakes were gone.

She approached the podium, glanced at her notes and tossed them aside. After taking a sip of water, she began to speak. Her voice was sound and sure, you could hear her determination and commitment to justice.

“I wish we were here under much different circumstances. This is not something I ever fathomed to occur during my reign. An insurrection against Doatia? A massive infiltration of the Doatian Intelligence Agency and the Doatian Armed Forces? Insanity; but also unfortunately, reality. The formation of an extremist insurrection, led by my treasonous daughter. I feel ashamed, hurt, and betrayed both as Queen, as a mother, and as a Doatian. I am about to speak words which I never should have to or would ever want to” her voice breaking, “my daughter is a traitor to her nation, in the truest sense of the word, and must be hunted down and held accountable.

We cannot yield until we cut this snake of an organization’s head off. And we must also commit to hunting down each soldier and agent who violated their oath and betrayed their nation and hold them accountable as well. We must not allow this insurrection to grow and spread its wings. We must stop it now. We must eradicate extremism, whether it be homophobia, global fascism, imperialism, or loyalty to an outdated Monarchy. We must eradicate it once and for all” she said to thunderous applause.

“The Monarchy will support this administration in whatever steps are warranted to restore stability to Doatia. We will never stop protecting Doatia, from enemies foreign and domestic” she continued.

After she spoke, the Chancellor approached the podium. As according to custom, she kissed the Queen’s forehead (only heads of government and members of the royal family, DAF and DIA are required), they hugged, and the Queen went to her seat. Chancellor Recardo reached the podium:

“Doatia is at a crucial turning point. We can either yield to these extremists” she says to boos across the Chamber, “or we can put up a fight and defeat them. I choose the latter. I have declared a state of emergency and issued a curfew in Hunaq and surrounding areas. I have endorsed a request from Commander Organa to this Chamber, to approve the authorization of responsible air strikes within Doatia against the DRF. I’ve also mobilized loyal DAF units, and senior DIA agents to the DCCA to recapture the facility where they are confronting the DRF at this very moment. Arresting the treacherous Ayana Bokum is our #1 priority, along with further disrupting the DRF’s leadership network. In several executive orders, I’ve increased security in and around the Capitol city. In coordination with the Speaker, metal detectors will be placed at all Chamber entrances. Fences will be placed around the Chamber, and national guards stationed outside and within the capitol. All members of the Chamber will also be subjected to vetting and a thorough background check, as will every other employee of the Federal Government.” After speaking for several more minutes, she concluded with “I open the floor for questions.”

It seemed like the entire room raised their hand. The Chancellor called on DN member Ezekial Uwako (District 78) first, who asked: “The DRF were systematically prohibited from distributing their message, according to recent evidence, when they filed several permits for a PSA on the radio through the DCCA and were repeatedly denied, despite our free speech protections, and then were violently confronted by armed law enforcement at the DCCA, when they went to file a grievance. This seems to be an escalation which the government is responsible for, which shouldn’t surprise anyone. So, my question is, will the DRF, including the former Princess, be entitled to their due process rights like all Doatians or will they be tried wrongfully as traitors and terrorists?”

“I condemn the suggestion that the DRF were simply trying to utilize free speech. Radio PSA’s are reserved for resource awareness, emergency broadcasts, awareness of government news and programs, and information initiatives. They were requesting airtime for their radical message, which, excluding advocacy of violence, is protected by free speech but not entitled to a DCCA permit. Their language didn’t even qualify under the PSA standards. Also, they killed law enforcement, after shooting first, and captured the DCCA. Think about the word “captured”, and what it means. It’s an armed insurrection, which is an extreme escalation, and warrants a similarly weighted response. Being sympathetic to the extremists is not a good look for you or your party.” she said to enthusiastic applause, as DN members began to leave “the former Princess and the rest of the DRF will be tried as traitors and are entitled to a more restricted version of due process rights. Furthermore, the worst violators, [which are] leaders and murderers, will have the death penalty pursued in their cases.”

After taking several more questions, the Chancellor submitted the air strike authorization to the floor, and it was overwhelmingly approved (667/33).

After several hours of confrontation, with heavy losses on both sides, DIA and DAF operatives in the area are being evacuated to secure Hunaq, along with a large mobilization of units from Hunaq’s base. Airstrikes will begin once the area is clear of loyal Doatians. A perimeter is being secured now, to prevent DRF escape. An airstrike against the DCCA and surrounding area is expected at any moment.

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