Male Employment Opportunities Increase As All Private Sector Jobs Removed From Ban List

Employment opportunities for men in Kerlile are set to further increase as the Council of Kerlile removes over half of positions from the list of restrictions on male employment, including all private sector positions. This means that, for the first time since the foundation of Kerlile, men will be able to rise to the top positions within private sector companies, and will be able to found their own businesses. Restrictions on public sector positions are also set to lessen, though will not be removed entirely.

This is the second overhaul of male employment law in Kerlile since the beginning of Kerlian reform in 2019. In July 2019, the Male Employment and Education Act (1967), which provided a comprehensive list of all job roles permitted to men, was scrapped and replaced with the Male Employment and Education Act (2019) in which all positions were permitted to men, except those on a given list. Today’s announcement will shorten that ban list, providing extra opportunities to men across the entirety of Kerlile.

As well as the removal of all private sector restrictions, men will now be able to seek employment in the entirety of the healthcare sector – though patients will be able to refuse treatment from men, and have this stipulation added to their healthcare records in advance of needing any treatment. Previously, men could work in non-patient-facing roles such as laboratory work or office work, but this means men will be able to train as doctors and nurses, as well as seek roles as care assistants.

There will still be some positions that are unavailable to men, even after this overhaul, but this list will be massively reduced compared to previously. Men will still be banned from: high-level civil service roles; roles within the Kerlian Censorship Board; becoming Members of Parliament; becoming police officers; and/or becoming teachers of physical education or PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) within girls’ schools for all age groups. Employment within the military will also remain forbidden, though this is regulated by separate legislation.

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