Spartacus Jones removed as Minster of Education during a Cabinet reshuffle.

The Revolt! leader was removed as Minister of Education, today as part of Joseph Chavez’s government reshuffle. The controversial political leader who tweeted hours before he was removed from office, “Solidarity with the MCP freedom fighters! #FreeAoatea” along with a picture of him smiling at the camera, had been Minster of Education since the 2022 Election. As part of the collation agreement, Jones received the office as he has been vocal about education reform. His tenure was filled with controversy, the most serious being when he spoke at an event honoring Kaijanese rebel leader Mohammed Manaho. Manhao who led a socialist rebel group during the First Kaijan War was praised by Jones. Speaking to a crowd of mostly Kaijanese socialist leaders, he praised Manhao’s education and food programs for students in areas he occupied during the war. After the event, he was spotted at a nearby Fry-Up restaurant, conversing with guerrillas over plates of lamb fried rice.

Another incident is when he read the Book of Luminaries to a classroom of Year 6 Students. Jones read the sacred Minjian text to a group of Year 6 History Students at H.G Hollman Secondary School. This drew criticism not only from educators but also politicians, with MP Sean Khan (Green-Silverado) calling the reading “a break from the tried and tested policy of separating religion and state separation.

Also included in the reshuffle were Justice and Equality Minister, Alexander Morgan and the Minster of Fisheries and Aquaculture, Leah Chen. Controversially, the Minster of Defense Miguel Osorio-Chang was not replaced. Osorio-Chang has remained unpopular since a failed special ops mission in Febuary led to the deaths of 15 servicemembers. Critics say Joseph Chavez kept him on as the two were roommates in college at the University of New Liverpool.

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