Bizarre Mystery as Steam Engine Found Inside Glannish Mountain

A “seemingly inexplicable” mystery has emerged in Glanainn after construction workers found a steam engine inside a cave within a mountain in central Glanainn. It is unknown how or why the steam engine was in the mountain, with the nearest train tracks to the mountain being over twenty miles away. Historical railway maps also show no nearby tracks or stations had ever existed in the area.

Construction had begun nearby for a new windfarm, set to deliver renewable energy to Glanainn and Opthelia, with construction due to be finished in 2030. With the mysterious engine, however, work has temporarily paused for investigators, historians and other individuals to try and determine how it came to be in the mountain, and why. Work will continue on the other end of the proposed windfarm, however.

The mystery has gained lots of attention online, with a number of theories spreading across the internet regarding the steam engine’s origins. Theories range from the relatively sensible, including the whole affair being an over-the-top prank; to the ridiculous, involving elaborate plots by Kerlian spies. A number of Fae Hunters (people who believe in amoral fae creatures who kidnap and hurt humans, and actively seek to hunt them down and prevent such acts) believe that it is likely the site of a portal to the Fae Realm.

Environmentalists in Glanainn and abroad, however, have a much less supernatural explanation. A theory has quickly spread across the internet that the affair is an attempt to sabotage the windfarm construction by fossil fuel companies. In response, several environmental groups have applied to Central Glanainn Rural Council for protest permits in the area, to demonstrate in favour of the windfarm. These are yet to be debated by the council.

The Glannish National Police have closed off the area, only allowing authorised personnel to enter the cave and view the engine. Despite this, numerous pictures have surfaced online, taken by persons unknown. People are advised to stay away from the area, and the police have stated that anyone attempting to gain unauthorised entry to the cave will be immediately arrested “for the health and safety of all involved”.

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