The Silver Diamond Awarded 2023 Haven Peace Prize

Haven – Haesanite aid group The Silver Diamond was announced today as the recipient of this year’s Haven Peace Prize. The organisation, based out of Sinju in Haesan, operate in conflict zones internationally, and most recently had aid workers present on the ground in the Second Roucourtain Civil War assisting victims and civilians.

The Haven Peace Prize Committee praised The Silver Diamond for their “many decades of aid work” and said the award was being given for “brave and tireless dedication in assisting the victims of conflict”. The Committee said The Silver Diamond’s work during the Second Roucourtain Civil War, especially in the city of Shchyotamak, was particularly noteworthy. In addition to the physical award, The Silver Diamond will also be receiving a monetary prize of S£1.1 million.

The Silver Diamond are the latest aid organisation to win the Haven Peace Prize following the International Humanitarian Aid Coordination Committee of the World Assembly which were awarded the prize last year. The Peace Prize Committee made note of this in their awarding of the prize this year, saying that “in an ever dangerous world, where conflict seems to be breaking out like sweat on a hot day, the work of aid organisations is invaluable to saving innocent lives”.

As is typical of the process, the Peace Prize Committee did not say who else was nominated this year, other than it was a “respectable number of worthy nominations”, nor did they disclose how long it took them to reach the unanimity required to award the prize. With a wide pool of nominators, including legislators from more autocratic countries like Xiomera or Kerlile, it is likely that there were individuals nominated who would, in most countries, be regarded as unsavoury. The Committee declined a number of times to answer questions on this topic from reporters present.

Later this year, the physical award will be presented to The Silver Diamond by President Katherine Saunders, on behalf of the Haven Peace Prize Committee, in the main auditorium of the Haven City Theatre. Traditionally the first time the recipient is aware of their awarding of the prize is by the Committee’s public announcement.

ADAM KING, News Editor

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