With deadline expired, Huenya launches offensive

A 48-hour deadline for Golden Blade terrorists to surrender given by new Huenyan Vice-Speaker Xiadani has expired. With no surrender forthcoming, the Federation Armed Forces (FAF) and Federal law enforcement have launched a massive counter-offensive against the terrorist group.

The Defense Department gave a press conference this morning confirming that Huenyan forces have taken the offensive in all 254 districts currently under terrorist control. It was also confirmed that the overall mission is being led by General Huatli, a former Aurora who is now a Huenyan citizen. A combination of missile strikes, artillery barrages and airstrikes starting at 5:00 am Huenyan time throughout the combat zone heralded the beginning of the operation. As part of their alliance through the UCS, Milintican forces have joined Huenya in combat operations as well.

Observers on the ground reported that after the series of initial strikes to soften up opposition, Huenyan armored brigades and mobile infantry backed by Milintican troops began to advance on terrorist positions throughout the combat zone. Fierce fighting is being reported in every district, with Huenyan and Milintican forces quickly gaining advantage in some areas while being stalled or pushed back in others.

Speaking to the media today, Vice-Speaker Xiadani praised the initial steps of the operation and said that overall the mission is on task. She also flatly said “no” when asked if her government would accept any future surrender offer from the Golden Blade and its supporters. “The time for them to surrender and negotiate was when I told them to. Now, they will face Huenyan justice,” the Vice-Speaker said.

Despite the belligerent tone from the Xiadani administration concerning the insurgency, the Huenyan government is reportedly coordinating with the Huenyan Red Sun and other emergency aid groups, as well as Huenya’s emergency management agency HERA, to ensure that as many civilians and non-combatants as possible are evacuated from combat zones and kept safe from the fighting.

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