Zongongian Election: No Clear Winner At Halfway Point

Half of constituencies across Zongongia have now declared their results from Thursday’s election, with no clear winner emerging as of yet. These results are almost guaranteed to see a hung parliament, which last occurred in 2006. Unlike 2006, however, if results continue on this trajectory, it will be impossible to form a government without a minimum of three parties in a coalition. So far, no party is winning over 25% of the total vote in the country.

Results so far (225 out of 450 seats called)

Social Labour has a narrow lead over Economic Focus, with Republic Now! coming in third so far. The Centre Liberals have fallen from third place to seventh, their lowest showing since the Great War. Four new parties have managed to gain seats, a record high – Republic Now!, the Tomorrow Party, Royal Resurgence, and the National Equine Party – a “comedy” party whose policies include the abolition of cars, and the granting of horses the right to vote.

Republic Now! is the biggest winner of the day so far, going from zero seats to heading for third place, and a close third at that. The anti-monarchy party has seen support surging due to the actions of the Royal Family in bringing exiled Kerlians to Zongongia; with Prince Kristofer getting one pregnant. Royal Resurgence is the monarchists’ answer to the republican surge; but so far they have only managed to gain one seat, in the vicinity of the Royal Palace. The Tomorrow Party, also doing surprisingly well, are “technofuturists” who support technocratic policies as seen in Novella Islands.

ELECTORAL MAP: Results so far (225 called, 450 total, 226 to win)

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