Xiomeran media accuse Lauchenoiria of planning invasion of Mallacaland

The Xiomeran state media service XIN has accused the Lauchenoirian government of planning an invasion of Mallacaland, based on documents it claims to have obtained.

XIN used its evening news broadcast on September 17th to make the accusation, claiming to have documents from Lauchenoiria’s External Intelligence Agency. The documents outline a fully worked out plan for an invasion of Mallacaland. According to the documents, Lauchenoirian ships in Mallacan waters would land in three main landing zones on the coast of Mallacaland. Their goals would be to occupy Mallaca City, and place troops near the Aredoan border to take control of points of entry. A communications blackout would then be implemented to facilitate the arrival of additional Lauchenoirian troops. A full set of the documents has been posted on XIN’s website and social media for people to view.

“While accusing us of the most insulting and demeaning things, the Lauchenoirian government was secretly planning to occupy another country. This exposes the hypocritical and self-serving nature of the Alvarez government once and for all,” Xiomeran Prime Minister Toquihu told XIN in a televised interview. The Prime Minister added that Xiomera “will offer Mallacaland its help and protection, should it be desired, to prevent Lauchenoiria from any hostile actions against the Mallacan state or people.”

There has been no response as yet from the Lauchenoirian government on the accusations.

Huenya makes progress against Golden Blade, but fight continues

The Huenyan Defense Department has given a report to the media that describes slow but steady progress in regaining control of the country from the Golden Blade insurgency.

According to Defense Secretary Tlanexchel, 98 districts so far have been freed from insurgent control. “We are gaining the upper hand in 53 districts as well,” the Defense Secretary said. That would leave 148 districts in the hands of the insurgency. The most important development cited by the Secretary, however, was that the Huenyan government has not lost control of any additional districts since September 13th. “We view this as positive evidence that the insurgency is losing steam, and that we are turning the tide,” the Secretary said. “We are seeing multiple districts now where insurgents are retreating and regrouping elsewhere, either to avoid attack or consolidating forces. We are confident that within the next few weeks at most, that we will have regained control over the majority of the contested districts.”

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