Alvarez Denies Mallacaland Invasion Plan

Prime Minister Josephine Alvarez has denied allegations that her government has been plotting to invade Mallacaland, a Muslim-majority country in far-eastern Hesperida, after Xiomeran state media released a document appearing to be a Lauchenoirian plan to take over the struggling country. Alvarez admitted the document was genuine, but called it an “entirely hypothetical proposal created by figures within the military that was rejected immediately”.

Tensions between Lauchenoiria and Mallacaland began in 2021, when the nine-year-old King Abdin II ordered the Lauchenoirian embassy to be surrounded, while rounding up Lauchenoirian citizens in the country and demanding a ransom for their release. The situation was resolved peacefully, and the young king was later removed from power. However, the two countries have remained wary of each other since the incident, neither trusting the other.

The document, which was obtained by Xiomera at some point last week, was allegedly the most extreme of fourteen proposals drawn up by Lauchenoirian military leaders during the embassy siege for a response. Alvarez has stated that she rejected the proposal immediately, calling it an “extreme overreaction”. This was confirmed by President Emilia Obando, as well as then-foreign minister Sandra Pavía; now the leader of a rival political party. The General who proposed the document is also reported to have since retired.

“We do not have any plans to invade Mallacaland, or anywhere else,” Alvarez told the Federal Parliament. “This is merely the latest in Empress Calhualyana’s plans to discredit Lauchenoiria with disinformation and rumour. I would like to, however, apologise to Mallacaland that such a document was ever written in the first place, and I would like to assure President Azim Shahid that we have no hostile intentions towards his country. To Xiomera, however, all I have to say is: nice try.”

One individual within the Lauchenoirian External Intelligence Agency has been arrested for illegal espionage under suspicion of being a Xiomeran double agent, in light of the leaked document. The Foreign Ministry is also reported to be considering closing Lauchenoiria’s embassy with Mallacaland due to the level of danger inherent in the posting, as protests take place outside the building once again. Lauchenoirians have been advised against all travel to Mallacaland since the initial incident in 2021.

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