Protests mount over Chuaztlapoc shelling

Government slow to act despite widespread citizen action

By Political Correspondent Kim Su-yeon

SUYANG: Widescale protests have been observed throughout Haesan over the government’s lack of action to the Xiomera-supported Golden Blade insurgency’s shelling of the Huenyan capital Chuaztlapoc. The protests, which seek to force a government response to the unfolding events have brought around 3.2 million to the streets across the nation, with particularly large turnout in Suyang, Anfa, and Anmi.

In Suyang, about 1,200,000-1,500,000 people are continuing to protest into the evening in and around Commonwealth Square, an extraordinarily high number for a protest of an international event. These protests have caused significant disruption to transport, as the protests have overflowed the plaza and extend for blocks into the city. The Suyang Municipal Government has ordered the metro stations of Commonwealth Square, Han Ju-sang, Jeongyu, and the major interchange of Miyu to be closed until further notice due to worries of a crush event.

The Kim-Hwang government has been slow to respond to the emergence of the Golden Blade insurgency. The Haesanite Foreign Ministry has now downgraded Huenya to “Do not travel” on its Foreign Advisory; however, a statement by the Office of the President has urged diplomats to remain in the country. The leaked memorandum compelled diplomats to “not abandon Huenya the way that Haesan was left to fend on its own so often throughout history.” This leak has led some security experts to hypothesize that a diplomatic agreement is currently being negotiated, but a lack of public response has angered many who are frustrated Haesan is not doing enough to prevent the tragedy unfolding in Huenya.

While both President Kim and Prime Minister Hwang have sent their condolences to the Huenyans over the assassination of the former Cuauhtlatoani (vice-speaker), no tangible aid has been sent to fight the Golden Blade insurgency. Haesanite NGOs have maintained a strong presence in terms of providing humanitarian aid, but governmental responses have been tempered, likely due to the severe economic consequences of a possible Xiomeran retaliation. Millions have gathered in squares across Haesan to try and change that calculus, and soon we will find out if they have been successful.

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