Haesan provides military aid to Huenya

Air power and strategic tech are the focus as government breaks silence

By Kwon Su-in, National Security Correspondent

HWAGANG: At noon, the Secretary of Defense Lee Si-yun and Minister for Foreign Affairs Cho Ji-hwan have jointly announced that Haesan will be providing significant military aid to Huenya, in a break with past administrations. The package will focus on airpower, with Haesan providing aircraft, drones, and anti-aircraft weaponry to help Huenya narrow the widening gap in air superiority between the Huenyan government and the sophisticated systems of the Xiomera-backed Golden Blade insurgency. The move comes as the government came under intense public pressure after major protests over its inaction were held across the nation, and it is believed that those actions were instrumental in ginning up enough political support for the aid package.

Haesanite aircraft are regarded as some of the most technologically advanced in the IDU, and defense specialists are hoping that they will help provide the Huenyans with an immediate tactical advantage in their counter-insurgency efforts. The CEO of Gwangbok Aviation, the largest Haesanite military contractor for aviation, was present at the meeting, and it is believed the company will be working directly with the Huenyans in implementing their systems. It is also expected that Haesanite contractors and training personnel will be collaborating heavily with Sanctarian forces in the region, due to their shared strategic goal and already established and extensive intelligence sharing infrastructure.

Politically, this move by the Kim-Hwang administration marks a major shift from prior governments and will surely be welcomed by supporters of a more active Haesan on the world stage. Just three years ago the government of Choi Da-yeon remained intentionally neutral in the Xiomeran Civil War due to economic circumstances, and Haesan has maintained largely friendly with both Xiomera and Huenya ever since. It is unclear whether this pro-Huenyan action will spark a Xiomeran response, but both ministers said in today’s press conference that Haesan has been preparing for a variety of scenarios in the run up to any public announcement like today’s. The Haesanite embassy in Huenya, one of the few remaining with diplomats in the nation, has been placed on the highest level of alert.

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