DAF makes gains against DRF, Ayana and her rebels pushed into Hunaq

After a weeks long campaign to secure the nation, Commander Organa has testified before the Chamber. Her testimony confirms what need agencies have been saying for weeks: Hunaq has fallen to the DRF.

With the Doatia Armed Forces making gains against the DRF across Doatia, apprehending an estimated 35% of their members and enablers.

The communications center previously captured by the DRF has been secured by the DAF/DIA after a 11 day standoff against the DRF occupants. The area was immediately secured, with a tight perimeter set to prevent DRF escape. With DRF operatives trapped inside, a raid was eventually authorized.

There were multiple losses in both sides (4 fallen DAF, 6 fallen DIA, and 19 rebel casualties), but the coalition prevailed. The remaining 22 DRF rebels surrendered, several with non-life threatening injuries.

The DRF then attacked several indigenous, religious, economic, residential, and commercial sites, as well as destroyed critical infrastructure like bridges and tunnels.

One particular incident involved the destruction of the Ampular Correctional Tunnel in the Fusaki region, in which bombs were set off at both exits of the 150-year old tunnel. This caused the mountain that sits on top of its to collapse most of the tunnel. A pregnant woman, Dolores McKenzie, was trapped in the tunnel under debris for 48 hours before being rescued. Upon arrival at Fusaki Regional Medical Center, an emergency labored was deemed necessary. The baby made it, but Dolores unfortunately did not.

Chancellor Recardo and other important members of the Federal government were evacuated to undisclosed locations. The Queen elected to remain in the palace, instead choosing to institute a full lockdown of the grounds and increase security.

Several members of the Chamber have gone missing, with 1 confirmed to have been murdered, 4 kidnapped and rescued, and the status of the remaining 6 is unknown. Members have been assigned enhanced security details and mandated to remain at home.

Doatian civilian casualties in the attacks is estimated to be around 2,000. Doa City is under martial law.

After several weeks of Doatia forces hitting several DRF sites, safehouses, and warehouses, the DRF attacks subsided. Shortly thereafter, Ayana ordered DRF loyalists to Hunaq. Earlier this week, the DRF launched a full scale occupation of the city of Hunaq.

Although they no longer have access to the Federal broadcast system, they communicate effectively via other means, mainly digital encrypted messaging.

After destroying all main routes into/out the city, the DRF captured several government and economic buildings/centers, and established security checkpoints and a security patrol.

The DRF has claimed Hunaq to have seceded from Doatia, and to be an independent city-state under their control. The independent media within the city however, have been shut down and replaced by DRF propaganda.

The limited reporting we have been receiving from the region shows citizens living impoverished, with jobs and schools shut down. The self-imposed isolation has shuttered 78% of businesses. The businesses fortunate enough to remain open rely on supply shipments “protected” by the DRF, which are subject to stiff taxation.

Worst of all, any Hunaq resident attempting to leave the city limits is shot on sight by any passing DRF patrol.

The Chancellor has yet to address the situation, but we’re being told the Gorgino region (home of Hunaq) is being locked down and a perimeter around the city has been established. There have been reports of skirmishes between DRF patrol and Doatian forces.

The Chancellor is expected to propose a sweeping security bill, aimed at “securing Doatia in all forms, safeguarding our intelligence and defense infrastructure, eliminating domestic terrorism, and eliminating the DRF”. It’s drafts have already face stuff criticism from the CR, citing “government overreach and violations to privacy and due process”. While the PLP largely supports the draft, roughly 40% of the EJP have made it clear in a letter to Chancellor Recardo that they will vote against it, with similar concerns as the CP.

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