Huenyan Vice-Speaker calls for intervention

In an interview with DTNS, Vice-Speaker Xiadani of Huenya has called for international intervention to help her country fend off the ongoing Golden Blade insurgency.

The Vice-Speaker was interviewed at her residence in the Tecpancalli Tonaltzintli, which was just recently brought back under Huenyan control. Much of the capital Chuaztlapoc is still under siege. This includes the Defense Department headquarters where most of Huenya’s leaders are gathered trying to regain full control of the capital.

“We are, and will always be, extremely grateful for the help we have received from our friends such as Milintica, Eiria and Acadia. We are also very grateful for the help we have received from our friends in Laeral in establishing our country. We would also be remiss not to thank Haesan and Sanctaria for their recent assistance in regaining control of our skies. All of the help we have received has not been in vain, and it has not been unappreciated or squandered. But Huenya has been the front line against Xiomeran imperialism for over a year now, and we have been the bulwark that keeps the rest of the world safe from the expansionist goals of Calhualyana’s regime.” The Vice-Speaker said that the rest of the world, including nations that have not yet involved themselves in Huenya’s fight, “need to understand that our fight is their fight. The Xiomeran Empire does not see us as their end goal. We are merely the beginning,” she warned.

Xiadani said that LIDUN, as well as individual nations, need to do more to deter Xiomera from future attempts at overthrowing legitimate governments and to deter future expansionism on Xiomera’s part. “Auria and Huenya should have been red lines for the world to tell the Xiomeran regime, with one voice, to stop their heinous actions or face severe punishment. But they were not, and if the actions by Xiomera continue to be allowed, it will only get worse.” The Vice-Speaker said that “comprehensive sanctions, including a ban on trade with Xiomera and the seizure of Xiomeran assets overseas, would be a good start to show Calhualyana that the world finally means business.” She also called for nations to increase the amounts of both military aid and economic assistance that are provided to Huenya “so that we can continue to serve as the wall that keeps the rest of the world safe from Xiomera.” Xiadani also urged LIDUN “or individual nations working together” to consider putting together an international force to intervene against the Golden Blade. “Milintica and Eiria have been on that front line with us for some time now, and it is an unfair burden to them to expect them to continue to fight alone to help us.”

When asked if other nations intervening could spark a war with Xiomera, the Vice-Speaker was blunt. “Appeasing Xiomera will bring about a war with far more certainty than opposing Xiomera now will. Should the world wait until Calhualyana’s regime is too strong to be confronted? Of course not. The more you allow, the more she will take. There is no other time than now.”

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