Alvarez Condemns Xiomeran Annexation of Tihanang

Prime Minister Josephine Alvarez of Lauchenoiria has condemned the Xiomeran government for their actions in the Tihanang district of Huenya. On September 28, the Xiomeran Imperial Parliament voted in favour of accepting Tihanang as a province of Xiomera, three days after the area – which was under the control of Xiomera-backed terrorist insurgents affiliated with the so-called Golden Blade – allegedly voted to leave Huenya and join Xiomera. Xiomera has since sent military forces to the area.

Alvarez condemned this as “merely the latest in a series of aggressive, imperialistic moves by Calhualyana’s government.” Xiomera previously seized a portion of Huenyan territory around the city of Xonacatlán which then became known alternatively as “Western Xiomera”, or previously the “State of Apozanolotl”. Since the end of the Second Xiomeran Civil War, Empress Calhualyana’s government has also been engaged in hostile actions towards Auria under the cover of mercenary group CSSC.

Huenyan Vice-Speaker Xiadani has since called for international intervention to help fight against the renewed Golden Blade insurgency. The Vice-Speaker thanked Eiria, Milintica, Greater Acadia, Laeral, Haesan and Sanctaria for their support of the country; notably leaving Lauchenoiria off the list in what some in the Federal Parliament are taking as a snub. A debate over whether or not to intervene in Huenya is scheduled for the whole day tomorrow (Monday), but even over the weekend several MPs have been making their views clearly known.

The Pacifist Party, which split from the governing coalition over Lauchenoiria’s intervention in Auria in 2021, have stated that they are opposed to taking any action in the conflict, including non-military acts such as further economic penalties. Together for Lauchenoiria, the new party led by former Foreign Secretary Sandra Pavía, are expected to support a military intervention, though it is uncertain to what extent. Surprisingly, the Communist Party are also leaning in favour of intervention.

It is unlikely that tomorrow’s debate will find resolution; indeed, the subject is expected to be the main topic of debate in the Federal Parliament throughout the coming week. The government has admitted to commissioning public opinion polling on the matter as soon as Vice-Speaker Xiadani called for an intervention. Lauchenoirians have had varied opinions on interventions such as that in Auria, with the numbers shifting from 29% approval at its lowest, to 71% at its highest, suggesting that many in the country have no clear fixed opinion on the matter.

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