Huenya makes progress in Chuaztlapoc fight

Huenyan forces, backed by support from friendly nations, have begun to restore control over the capital Chuaztlapoc.

The Huenyan Defense Department reported today that full control has been restored over the center of the Green Zone. Federation Hall, the Tecpancalli Tonaltzintli, and the Palace of the Four Directions are now back under government control. In addition, Golden Blade terrorist fighters have been forced to retreat from the headquarters of the Special Investigative and Prosecutorial Service and Fort Huacopec.

Much of Chuaztlapoc, however, remains under siege and the scene of recurring battles between Huenyan soldiers and the terrorists. This includes sections inside the Green Zone perimeter. Huenyan officials also have reported that the terrorists have taken dozens of foreign nationals and Huenyan citizens hostage, including some legislators and security personnel. The Golden Blade issued a statement today threatening to begin executing hostages unless the Huenyan government surrenders the capital and also recognizes the secession of the Tihanang region in western Huenya.

From her reoccupied office in the Tecpancalli Tonaltzintli, Vice-Speaker Xiadani made it clear that she will not meet either demand. “We are willing to negotiate to try to gain the freedom of those who have been taken captive, but demanding the surrender of the capital and the recognition of secessionist territory is simply not possible,” the Vice-Speaker told DTNS. “I rather suspect, frankly, that the leaders of the Blade know they are making impossible demands and are doing so deliberately.”

While the fight for Chuaztlapoc continues, much of Huenya outside the capital is facing similar challenges. With forces pulled back to the capital to ensure its defense, Golden Blade terrorists have been able to stage attacks on a wide scale throughout the country. Huenyan officials reported that the terrorists seem to be trying to consolidate territory in a similar fashion as they did in Tihanang, possibly to prepare for further Xiomeran annexations of Huenyan land. “They are trying to carve Huenya up piecemeal,” Defense Secretary Tlanexchel told DTNS, repeating an urgent call for international assistance.

In the fight for Chuaztlapoc, Huenya’s defense forces have so far suffered 2,124 casualties while eliminating 2,365 terrorists, according to the Defense Department. The Golden Blade, in their own statement, disputed those numbers, claiming that Huenyan losses were twice the number stated by the government. The terrorist group, however, declined to confirm their own losses.

Milintican fighter shot down near Tihanang

A Milintican fighter jet was shot down today near the Tihanang region, which was recently annexed by Xiomera.

The M-28 fighter was conducting operations against separatist positions in the area when it was shot down, according to the Milintican government. The pilot did not survive. Huenyan officials initially said the plane was shot down by the Golden Blade. Milintican officials, however, have accused Xiomeran military units in Tihanang of being responsible.

In response to the shootdown, some Milintican leaders have called on the country to declare war against Xiomera. Neina Arana, Premier of the Milintican Communist Party, said that “the Xiomerans deliberately targeted a Milintican aircraft and shot it down.” MCP legislators tried to push a motion to declare war, but were shut down by their opponents in the Milintican Peoples’ Party. After the vote, the MCP accused both the MPP and President Matochmizalo of “not having the courage or strength to defend Milintica” and of being “cowards”.

In response, the President declared the MCP “warmongers of the worst kind” and said that he would not be baited by them. “Milintica will investigate this matter and if Xiomeran armed forces did shoot down a Milintican plane, we will take all possible steps to hold them responsible,” he said.

For its part, Xiomera is claiming that the Golden Blade, not their forces in Tihanang, shot down the plane. Far from being apologetic, however, Xiomera’s Ministry of State issued a terse statement saying that “if a Milintican plane hadn’t been so far from home, maybe it wouldn’t have gotten shot down.”

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