How the Capture of a Sansongian Citizen is changing Lao Sansong’s policy.

Since Sunday, Lao Sansong has moved to place heavy tariffs on the export of weapons to Xiomera. This comes after an unprecedented speech from Yoshnoubu Abo, criticizing Xiomera’s current support of the Golden Blade but also previous offenses. He also revealed that the Golden Blade had captured a Sansongian embassy worker named Nishokia Yuudai. In a later press conference broadcast on national TV, students of a Sansongian High School in Huenya made personal testimonials describing Nishokia as a hero. On Monday, the Council of Damiyo quickly ratified a resolution placing tariffs on weapons traveling to Xiomera while withdrawing the embassy in Xiomera. Already a number of Sansongian private contractors have been reported active in fighting the Golden Blade Insurgencey in Xiomera.

Already in a number of provinces, public protests have occurred against the Xiomeran govermeant. Even provinces that have been traditionally strict on protest such as the western province of Nochidesu have allowed these to continue. This policy may also be influenced by religion as the leader of the Arikata faith, Tada Mituso has called Empress Calhualyana “a demon risen from the nether realm” and has called for faith Arikata to take up arms against Xiomera. Even in the primarily Haemi province of Gwansong, the Premier has called for action to be taken against Xiomera. Premier Bae Hei-Ran called for all access to the province rescinded for Xiomerans and has called for Xiomeran assets to be frozen in the banking hub of Lao Sansong.

In Kajashima, protests outside the Imperial Palace were strictly watched by Hōkōshū, guards to the Shogun himself before being escorted away after an hour or so. Public protest was severely limited in the city after a labor demonstration by Banpu became violent after counter-protesters afflated with the corporation attempted to disrupt the march.

Going forward, Lao Sansong’s steps are unclear. It’s possible the Shogun himself could declare war on Xiomera, legally requiring all daimyos to send forces from their provinces something that has not happened since the 1980s when Sansongian forces patrolled the border with Misumi. It’s clear from the rapid pace of development that there was already some opposition to Xiomera, although for how long is unknown. Some opposition politicians have claimed these developments are to stir up nationalism ahead of next year’s elections. The reigning Liberal-Democratic Alliance has controlled the country since the 1990s, although the growing power of labor unions and youth voters generally being less supportive of the paternalistic, bureaucracy of the LDA.

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